Monday, 6 July 2015

All those names!

Well what a lot of difficult names
The dinosaurs have got
Don't you think the scientists
Should rearrange the lot?

Because what's Sauropelta?
Or a Liopleurodon?
And how angry's a Spinosaurus
When his food is nearly gone?

And while we're on the subject
What's an Argentinosaur?
And is it ever  really loud
When the Eoraptors roar.

So I think the paleontologists
Should stop their silly games
And give all of these dinosaurs
Some lovely simple names

Like Red and Blue and Black and Green
Or numbers One to Ten
So we won't have to learn all of those
Difficult names again.

The Sauropods.

When the sauropods are coming
Then the ground begins to shake
Can you hear the terrible, terrible
Terrible noise they make?

With feet the size of motor cars
And legs the size of trees
They're walking through the forest
With their great big wobbly knees?

The sauropods, the sauropods
Diplodocus and friends
Imagine sliding from his head
To where his tail it ends

Imagine being mistaken
For a tasty leafy treat,
Imagine being sat upon,
Or squashed beneath his feet.

The sauropods look wonderful
In all the books we know,
But if we could travel back in time
Do you think that we should go?

Because maybe they're a bit too big,
And less friendly than they seem
And if we saw them in real life
We might just stand and scream.