Thursday, 25 May 2017

Be Good, be good, be good.

Be good, be good, be good
Try to act the way you should,
Even though it's hard sometimes
Be good, be good, be good.

No one really likes to lose
But anger's bad for you,
So if you're losing in a game
Let patience see you through.

I had a friend, we'll call him Tom,
He was always good to me,
Now every time I think of him
I wish him well. You see?

The things we do they stay with us
Like our shadows on the ground,
They might hide in the darkness
But in the light they're always found.

So if you want a happy life
Be good, be good, be good
And even though it's hard sometimes
Try to act the way you should.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Puppy Dog

I love all little puppy dogs
They are so cute and fun
I love to watch them waddling
I love to watch them run.

I love the way they bounce around
I love to hear them bark
I love to see them see themselves
In the windows after dark

I love all little puppy dogs
I love the way they eat,
I love to see them rush around
On their tiny tumbling feet.

We'd love to get a puppy dogs
I think that would be great,
But this house isn't big enough
So a puppy will have to wait.

Friday, 12 May 2017


My Uncle in Australia
He's got a kangeroo,
He walks it in the garden
When it needs to have a poo
It eats all sorts of funny things
Like eggs and apples green,
I tell you it's the strangest thing
That I have ever seen.

My uncle in Malawi
Uses his car as a boat,
He drives it out into the lake
And somehow it can float.
He sails it round in circles
He sails it up and down
And he feeds it beans and sausages
So the engine doesn't drown.

My uncle in New Mexico
He's got a big black bear
He combs its coat with scissors
And he treats it like a chair
But the creature's never angry
And it's always very kind,
And even when he sits on it
It doesn't seem to mind

Yes my uncles are a funny lot
And I've got one in Japan,
Who says his feet are usable
If someone needs a fan
And when the weather's very hot
He takes of both his shoes
And waves his feet around the room
Until everybody boos.

Yes my uncles are a funny bunch
But I won't go on and on,
There's six in Okinawa
And there's seven in Saigon
There are twelve in Indonisia
And twenty in Tibet,
And 3 in North Siberia
That I haven't mentioned yet

So we're a funny family
And once a year we meet
And all the uncles stand in lines
And try hard to compete.
They race around the garden
And they jump off of the shed
And they swim out in the little lake
And they hide under the bed.

And then when the party's over
They pack and get their things
And they give each other presents
Which are tiny purple rings.
Then they order twenty taxis
And they try hard to behave
While my brother and myself
We say goodbye and wave.

Monday, 8 May 2017

New Zealand

Sun-screen, hat and Jandles
Taupo, Waiheke
Chilly bin, ten-pin bowling
Touch beside the sea
Sailing out across the blue
On Bay-of-Islands day
All you Kiwi backpackers
Won’t you all come back someday?

Hokey-pokey, Glad wrap, Anchor,
Manuka Honey,
Paua, Mussels, Oysters,
Snapper, Tarakihi
Driving past the Southern Alps
To watch Dunedin play
All you lucky Kiwi backpackers,
You know you'll all come back someday

All Blacks, Black caps, Tall Blacks
Sailing Silver Fern
All you wanton nations
Listen up and learn
There’s Kiwis all around the world
Cause Kiwis love to roam
But I bet you every one of them
Still calls these islands home!


I'm going to be late
I'm going to be late,
But the whole wide world
Will just have to wait.
I've got something very
Important to do
I'm writing a poem
And it's just for you.

I'm going to be late
But I really don't care
The journey's sometimes more fun
Than arriving somewhere,
We're all in a hurry
But I'm going to be slow,
There's no point in rushing
When there's nowhere to go.

I'm going to be late
I'll be later than you
But you can just tell me
The things that they do
Tell me what happens
Tell me all that was said
And just tell them I writing
A poem in my head

Yes I'm going to be late
Yes I'm going to be late
But it doesn't matter
The whole world can wait,
Tell them I'm busy
I've a poem to do
And then when I'm finished
I'll send it to you.

It might be a poem
About bits of cake,
Or it might be a poem
About a big lake,
It might not be funny,
It might be quite sad
But when it's all finished
At least I'll be glad.

I can't really tell you
What it's really about
I'm still sort of waiting
For it to come out
But one thing's for certain
Which is that I'll be late
But I'm writing a poem
So the whole world can wait.

Monday, 1 May 2017


Up on Stoke they have a joke
That all good children learn to smoke,
But down in Poole they have a rule
That all good children go to school.
In Manchester they teach the children
How to play guitar,
In Liverpool they know that if
You write songs you'll go far.
In Inverness they all confess
A strange desire for learning chess,
But down in Bath they always laugh
If you walk round with a football scarf.
In Chelsea all the children learn
To live out on the street,
In Aberdeen they always learn
To eat a lot of meat
If you're late in Harrogate
The teacher's start to wail,
But if you're early down in Burley
They lock you up in jail.
I've been to school in Winchester,
I've been to school in York
And the great things that it taught me
Was to write a bit and talk
I've been to school in Swansea
And I've been to Truro high,
And what I learnt from those two schools
Was to day dream to fly.
I've been to school in Durham
And in Hull and Chester too,
And everything I've ever learnt
I'd love to give to you.
The things we learn they stay with us
And the things that we forget,
Are still inside us somewhere
But we haven't learnt them yet.
I wish you all the best you know
In whichever place you are,
Just remember school's a little trip
But a life of learning's far.
And if you really want something
Then keep it in your mind,
And if you work and don't give up
I'm sure that thing you'll find.