Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Ants! The Ants!

The Ants! The Ants!
They're marching all
Along the forest floor
They've got to carry bits of figs
And leaves, and fruits and more
They carry them into the nest
And pack them in the store
Where they feed the little fungus
That's the food that they adore.

The Ants! The Ants!
There's billions of them
Walking in the trees
And round the other animals
And tickling their knees
They jumped upon the orangutang
And on the chimpanzees
And when they met the jaguar
They made him want to sneeze

The Ants! The Ants!
They're marching so
You'd better get out of the way
They're cleaning up the forest
And they don't have time to play.
They're hurrying and scurrying
They're working night and day
And if they think you're tasty
Then they'll carry you away.

The Ants! The Ants!
They're happy and they're
Blowing up balloons,
They're eating bowls of custard
Using Multi-coloured spoons.
They're jumping and they're pumping
And they're hiding in the dunes,
They're dancing and they're prancing
And they're singing silly tunes..

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Timmy Toucan

Little Timmy Toucan
Was feeling rather weak
It wasn't easy flying round
With such a massive beak

And so he sat down in a tree
And had a little break
He drank a glass of lemonade
And ate some chocolate cake

And then he felt much better
So he flew back to his nest
Where tired Timmy Toucan
Had another little rest.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Ant Haiku.

Tiny tiny ants
Together and all alone
Still working as one


The sloth, the sloth he is so slow,
He takes an hour to move a toe
So nobody can ever know,
Which way it is he wants to go.

The sloth, the sloth such pretty eyes,
He's like a tree that's in disguise,
As still as still, just where he lies,
Eating leaves and watching flies.

The sloth, the sloth that pretty face
He moves with elegance and grace
He does not want to win the race
And keeps the very slowest pace

The sloth, the sloth is teaching me,
That rushing round is not the key
So just slow down and simply be
Like smiley sloth up in his tree.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Connie the Capybara.

Connie the Capybara
Was trying to get some rest
But Antony the Anteater
Was being a terrible pest,
He said that by an accident
He’d got ants in his nose
And then he just kept sneezing
Every time she tried to doze.

So Connie got two Tree frogs
And shoved them in her ears
But they just tickled her so much
That she broke down in tears.
And so she got a water lily
Which she tied upon her head
And then at last she fell asleep
When she went back to bed.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Angry Auntie Antonella

Angry Auntie Antonella
Ate the top of an umbrella
Ate a sundial and a heater
And a rusty watermeter

Angry Auntie Antonella,
Ate six eggs with salmonella,
Ate her bedroom and her house,
And even ate a little mouse.

Angry Auntie Antonella
Buttered sunshine with Nutella
Ate a wind-chime and some rain
And a great big weather vane

Angry Auntie Antonella
Ate a hurricane called Stella
Ate the moon and stars for fun
And all the planets one by one

Angry Auntie Antonella
Big and tall and interstellar,
Ate the sun like it was cake
But then she made a HUGE mistake...

In the dark,
With no food on her shelf,
Angry Auntie ate HERSELF!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Clap your hands!

Clap your hands!
Clap your hands!
Have a wiggle,
Stamp your feet.
I tell you all that exercise,
Is really quite a treat!

Jump around!
Jump around!
Jump up high,
And fall back down.
You know that when you're laughing,
It's impossible to frown!

Dance about!
Dance about!
Do the shimmy,
Scream shout.
I tell you all that fun and games,
Is what life's all about!


Butterfly, butterfly
Come and sing for me
Remind me of the way
That living used to be.
Let me see you spread your wings
And fly so prettily,
Dancing there inside the sun
Beneath the willow tree.

Butterfly, butterfly
How long do you live?
Do you know what love is like,
And what it's like to give?
Are you sometimes depressed,
Or usually happy?
Dancing there inside the sun
Beneath the willow tree.

Butterfly, butterfly,
Do you always roam,
Do you always wander,
Or have you got a home?
Have you ever been
To the shores of Italy
And watched all of those children
Splashing in the sea?

Butterfly, butterfly
If only you were me
And I was you dancing there
Beneath the willow tree.
I tell you right now,
I would surely have some fun,
I'd spread my wings
And disappear
Into the belly of the sun.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

How I grow.

I know, I know and I will tell
How it is I grow so well
I eat my fruit and eat my veg
And jump over my garden hedge.
I do lots and lots of exercise
And don't eat chocolate box surprise
Instead I eat some nuts and peas
And then I grow with strength and ease.

River Drink.

The river's deep, the river's long
The river sings a funny song.
It swirls around and bubbles up.
And if it's clean I get a cup
And have a great big river drink
Before I lie back down and think