Friday, 31 March 2017

My little Goat

My little goat he loves to bleat
He's very cute he's got four feet
He never moans, he never cries
He's got such strange and pretty eyes. 
He's got big horns above his nose,
And great big hooves instead of toes.
But strange to say there's something wrong
He eats and eats the whole day long.

He eats all sorts of funny things,
Bits of paper, curtain rings
Piles of grass and leaves from trees
Books and blankets, bags of peas
Stolen watches, teddy bears
Football shirts and mouldy pears
Bits of mud and muddy socks
A duvet and a cardboard box
A letter that was never sent
A brand new sleeping bag and tent.

A thousand fish and fifteen bones
And 16 bags of mobile phones
A boomerang, a bag of cheese,
A dinosaur with dirty knees
A leopard and a big giraffe
A fox that used to make me laugh
Some sawdust from a Chinese mill
A bag of rust, a little pill
A hairbrush that was made in France
Two monkey toys that used to dance.

Twelve Turnips and a pot of glue
Six puzzles made in Timbuktu
A lizard rolling purples dice
Some TV screens, a bag of rice
A small toy dog, a yellow frog,
A lamppost that looked like a log
Some pots of chocolate from Hong Kong
A tutu and a plastic gong
A keyboard from a music shop
He eats and eats and just won't stop!

He'll eat us all! He's got to go!
And so, I'm very sad to say it though...
We're using our shed as a jail
And now we've got a goat for sale.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


It's hard to cry, it's hard to cry
But it's so good for you,
To let yourself break down a bit
And shed a tear or two.

Some people say they never cry
But I think that's quite sad,
Whenever I give in to tears
It always makes me glad.

If you keep all your troubles in
They grow and do not mend,
But if you lose them through your eyes
Your tears become your friend.

Monday, 27 March 2017


Monday is the day I like
To go for rides upon my bike
On Tuesdays I eat fish for tea
On Wednesdays I take vitamin B
On Thursdays I just love to drink
A pint of water by the sink
But Fridays are the days I leave
So on Saturdays I can't believe
That Sunday is the next and then
The whole thing comes around again.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Somewhere over the rainbow
Live the little unicorns
They're lots of pretty colours
And they all have magic horns.

Whenever I see rainbows
I close my eyes and pray,
That one day a little unicorn
Will decide to come my way

Yes I'd have such a lovely time,
If a unicorn was my friend,
Ours lives would like magic
And our friendship never end.

Yes, the world would be a better place
If I could only get,
A friendly, magic unicorn
And keep it as my pet.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Amber Cloud (The Retro Girl)

Amber cloud, the Retro Girl,
Has socks with holey toes,
All she ever gets to wear
Are hand-me-down old clothes.

Amber cloud has clothes too big
And clothes that are too small,
And nothing that she ever wears
Fits perfectly at all.

Her shoes have all been worn before
But they're all she can get,
And when it rains, then naturally,
Her toes get soaking wet.

Oh Amber Cloud, dear Amber cloud
Although now's sad for you,
One day when you're an adult
Your clothes will all be new.


I don't have time to exercise
But I have time to eat
I don't have time for push-ups
But I like a tasty treat
I don't have time for running
Or for going for a walk
But I have time for TV
And for sitting down to talk
I don't have time for anything
except stuffing my face
And I don't really care
If you think it's a disgrace
Because I love eating too much
And I love eating lots
And I don't care if it makes me fat
Or if it gives me spots
Because all I really want is food
And to eat and eat all day,
And if you do not like it,
Then you can go away.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


We've got a dog
A dog we've got,
It's not her fault
She farts a lot.

It must be something
In her food,
That makes her seem
So smelly and rude.

The problem is
As you will see,
When the dog farts
Everyone looks at me,

"It wasn't me!"
I blush and say,
But by then,
The dog's run away

And everyone thinks
That it's a lie,
And they call me stinky-smelly-bum
And I want to cry!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


From rats to nits we've got it all
This house is like a zoo,
There's beetles in the woodwork
And there's lizards in the loo.
There's a rhino in the garden
There's a lemur in the shed
And a tiny armadillo
Who is stuck beneath the bed.
There's a thousand cheeky chipmunks
Who refuse to go away,
And standing in the front room
There a camel eating hay

There are...
Twenty Elephants, Nineteen pigs
And Eighteen badgers wearing wigs
Seventeen cats, sixteen mice
Fifteen wolves, fourteen lice,
Thirteen hamsters stuck in wheels
Twelve baboons, eleven seals,
Ten tapir with great big noses,
Nine night owls all eating roses
Eight eels up inside the bath
With seven cows and a little calf
There's six small sloths and five big dogs
And four cute bright green bouncing frogs
There's three giraffes and two racoons
And a walrus that keeps eating spoons...

Oh... this is such a strange, strange house
I don't know what to do,
I think I might just quit my job
And open up a zoo.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Spring Flowers.

Little flower bulbs
Down in the dark,
Lying so silently
Suddenly spark.
The weather is warmer
They're longing to grow,
After months in the ground
Beneath rain, frost and snow.
They start to expand
They stretch out their roots,
They gradually grow
They push up small shoots.

And up in the fields
In the woods and the park
We see their green tips
Appear out of the dark.
The Crocus, the Daffodil,
The Tulips all rise,
With the Hyacinth and Iris
They stretch to the skies.

And we people above,
In the lovely spring air,
We stand in amazement
And in wonder we stare
At the beauty around us
As nature's unfurled,
And we think to ourselves
What a wonderful world.