Monday, 7 September 2015

So hungry.

So hungry were the dinosaurs,
When they came into the house,
The ate up all the knives and forks
And then they ate the mouse.

And they went around the bend
And ate up all the stairs
And when they'd eaten all of them,
They ate up all the chairs.

Well next they ate the TV,
The book shelves and a pram,
Then afterwards made sandwiches
Of buttered bread and jam.

"Get out of here you dinosaurs!"
I screamed and made a fuss.
"Get out of here this minute,
And leave some food for us."


I closed my eyes and had a dream
About a Brontosaurus,
Who sang a song and danced about
The minute that he saw us.

He danced upon the desert sands
He danced beneath the sea
Then sang a song upon a rock
Called 'How strange dreams can be'

I woke up on the morning
And I told my mum and dad
All about the strangest dream
I think I've ever had.

They said that dreams are nothing
'Think of something else instead.'
But now I've got a Brontosaurus
Dancing in my head.

The T-Rex

The T-Rex gives a mighty roar:
"I'm the most famous dinosaur!"

But just there watching all the while,
Is the smiling crocodile.

Who says with glee and snapping jaws,
"But my descendants will outlive yours..."

The T-Rex says "It can't be true,
I'm far bigger and better than you."

But croc says "No I'll still be around,
When you're just bones stuck in the ground."