Thursday, 25 August 2016

My Uncle Iz

My Uncle Iz,
A very strange man
He does the best
He can, can, can
He's got himself
A dozen knives
And fourteen fish
And sixteen wives.

My Uncle Iz,
With his tails and feet
And all his goats
That bleat, bleat, bleat.
He's got himself
A can of worms
And sixteen kisses
Filled with germs.

My Uncle Iz,
Can't be ignored
He loves to shout
I'm Bored! Bored! Bored!
He's got himself
Three yellow hats
And twenty seconds
Filled with bats.

My Uncle Iz
My Uncle Iz
Filled with jump
And filled with fizz.
He's got blue eyes
And a great big nose
And yellow teeth
And stinky toes

Yes Uncle Iz
Looks very weird
With a gangs of fish
In his beard, beard, beard.
He's never, ever
Makes a fuss
And never comes
To visit us.

But now I hear
That Uncle Jim
Is taking us
To visit him.
And we're all going
With auntie Liz,
To stay a week
With1444 uncle Iz

Thursday, 18 August 2016


In between the paving stones
There's nasty little cracks,
Where greedy monsters grab your feet
And turn your soul to wax.

They're hidden underneath the ground
They're hungry and they're mean,
And if they catch you then you know
You'll never more be seen.

So when you're walking upon the street
Be careful where you tread,
For if you wander out of line
You might just end up dead.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Thunder crash

Hear the mighty thunder crash
See the jagged lightening flash
Weather cold or weather warm
Deadly calm or raging storm
The weather loves to be extreme
Loves to hear you stop and scream
Typhoon whirling rip your roof
Nothing here is weather proof
Houses taken by the flood
Villages consumed in mud
Blizzards where you can't get out
Deserts where there's only drought
Weather's up and weather's down
Hurricanes destroy your town
All is chaos, nothing's true
When the weather comes for you