Tuesday, 29 March 2016


We got a cat to come one day
And live inside our house,
Not because we loved it much
But 'cause we had a mouse.

But sadly we saw, in dismay,
The mouse it chased the cat away!
So now we're stuck, inside our house,
With our new friend, the little mouse.

Monday, 14 March 2016


Derek likes to go to bed
With a lamppost on his head,
He turns it on and turns it off
But then he always starts to cough.

And when he does,
Surprise, surprise
He grows two purple wings
And flies.


Far away,
And farther still
There lived a monkey
Who was ill,
And who had such
A dreadful cough
That one day
His nose fell off.

Clotted Cream

When I lie in bed at night
I teach my feet to dream,
I close my eyes and they take flight
On wings of clotted cream.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


The Egyptians built the pyramids
It took a long, long time
Often hills that are the hardest,
Are the best to climb.

The Egyptians cared about their dreams,
And made their dreams come true
You can also do the same
It's always up to you.

Do something you find worthwhile
A gift you want to give.
And even though you're working hard
A happy life you'll live.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Little Litter Bin

I am a little litter bin
If I'm empty then I'm sad,
Only when you fill me up
Do I get really glad.
So when you have some rubbish
Don't throw it on the floor,
Feed it to me quickly
And then go and get some more!

I am a little litter bin
Please give me all your waste,
I love the munch and crunch of it
I love the rubbish taste.
I love it when I see the world
Is clean and litter free.
So if you have some rubbish
Please feed it all to me!