Sunday, 8 October 2017

Bouncy Hopper.

I've got a bouncy hopper
My sister's got one too,
Mine is bright bright pink
And my sister's is bright blue
She's also got a football
And she's got a pair of jeans
She's got a little action man
And a box of magazines.

We had a bouncy hopper race
Up the garden hill and back,
And all we ever wanted
Was a willow and a sack.
I won the race, I won the race
But my sister didn't mind,
She always wins at football
And at treating people kind.


When they're gone
they're gone for good,
But you can always love them.
All the leaves
Fall as they should,
With the bright blue skies above them.

Monday, 25 September 2017


Inside me there are rivers flowing
Trapped inside my veins,
And on a thousand miles of track
We watch the moving trains.
They move around so freely
And yet they cannot go,
Anywhere, where metal lines
In rivers do not flow.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Sad tomato

I am a sad tomato
I'm the last one on the plant,
I've just been left here hanging
Where all the others aren't.

I am a sad tomato
I'm lonely as can be,
There's no one left here on the vine
But poor old lonesome me.

I should be in a salad
Or on some bread with cheese,
Or in a bowl of pasta
Or in a tube to squeeze.

I should be feeling biting teeth
Or be in a bowl of soup,
I shouldn't be here all alone
With these leaves that hang and droop.

I am a sad tomato
But I'm sure I will taste good,
If you could come and chop me up
And eat me like you should.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


I quite like
The shadows of the night,
That teach me how to fear something
That was only made of light.

I see a little animal
Or at least I think I do,
And then I see it's nothing more
Than some socks left there by you.

I let myself be tricked again
By half closing my eyes,
And seeing what appears sometimes
To give me a surprise.

The shadows of the night
Are all lessons and all friends,
I let them give me messages
And see what darkness sends.

I watch them when I wake up
In the middle of the night,
But I like them and they're comforting
And they don't give me a fright.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


He says that he loves peanut butter
I know that he loves strawberry jam,
I think I will mix them together
'Cause that's just the person I am.

He says that he loves bits of apple
He says that he likes to see trees
I think I will build him a chapel
And then let him sit there on his knees

He says that he loves to hear ticking
And that ticking is often from clocks
So I think I will start just by knitting
A hole in this new pair of socks

He says that he loves it on Wednesday
He says Tuesdays are always the best,
I think I will say it is Twenesday
And never say it is the rest.

I love him, I love him forever
I love him right down to his knees,
I love him for always and never
And never again will I tease.

I want to seek pastures a plenty
I want to roll barrels of hay
I want it to be very clever
But still I don't know what to say.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


I don't want cheese
I don't want soup,
I don't want fish
From Guadeloupe.
I've said it now
My point is made,
I just want toast
With marmalade.

I don't want eggs
I don't want ham,
I don't want baked beans
Served by pam.
You know the thing
That I love most,
Is marmalade
On nice warm toast.

I love the way
It spreads so thick,
I love to eat it
Slow or quick.
I love the orange
Tasty taste,
I want marmalade

I love marmalade
I love it so much,
I love its sticky
Gluey touch.
I've loved it since
I was very small,
Give me marmalade
And I'll eat it all.

Friday, 16 June 2017


There was a man all made of springs
Who used to jump on funny things,
He jumped on people's telephones
And jumped on small dogs eating bones.

He used to jump on trees as well
And once jumped on a ringing bell,
He jumped on tall boys eating cheese
And jumped on girls with dirty knees.

But now you know, I am sad to say,
The jumping man has gone away,
He bounced upon a trampoline
And since that day has not been seen.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Clatter Cow

We clatter Bong we clatter Bing
We clatter Cow and Tree,
We love to laugh, we love to run
We love Two-roll and Bee.

We settle Bracket's purpose
We purpose Porpoise too,
We sink inside the bellyful
Of pickled pointest stew.

We all went round The Anchor then
We tied it to a Pea,
Which made a mess of Tankerhen
Who scribbled on a knee.

We clatter Titchy Triangle
We tickle Jumpy Lou,
We bury all the sensicles
And bring them back to you.

We bury all the sensicles
And bring them back to you.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Be Good, be good, be good.

Be good, be good, be good
Try to act the way you should,
Even though it's hard sometimes
Be good, be good, be good.

No one really likes to lose
But anger's bad for you,
So if you're losing in a game
Let patience see you through.

I had a friend, we'll call him Tom,
He was always good to me,
Now every time I think of him
I wish him well. You see?

The things we do they stay with us
Like our shadows on the ground,
They might hide in the darkness
But in the light they're always found.

So if you want a happy life
Be good, be good, be good
And even though it's hard sometimes
Try to act the way you should.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Puppy Dog

I love all little puppy dogs
They are so cute and fun
I love to watch them waddling
I love to watch them run.

I love the way they bounce around
I love to hear them bark
I love to see them see themselves
In the windows after dark

I love all little puppy dogs
I love the way they eat,
I love to see them rush around
On their tiny tumbling feet.

We'd love to get a puppy dogs
I think that would be great,
But this house isn't big enough
So a puppy will have to wait.

Friday, 12 May 2017


My Uncle in Australia
He's got a kangeroo,
He walks it in the garden
When it needs to have a poo
It eats all sorts of funny things
Like eggs and apples green,
I tell you it's the strangest thing
That I have ever seen.

My uncle in Malawi
Uses his car as a boat,
He drives it out into the lake
And somehow it can float.
He sails it round in circles
He sails it up and down
And he feeds it beans and sausages
So the engine doesn't drown.

My uncle in New Mexico
He's got a big black bear
He combs its coat with scissors
And he treats it like a chair
But the creature's never angry
And it's always very kind,
And even when he sits on it
It doesn't seem to mind

Yes my uncles are a funny lot
And I've got one in Japan,
Who says his feet are usable
If someone needs a fan
And when the weather's very hot
He takes of both his shoes
And waves his feet around the room
Until everybody boos.

Yes my uncles are a funny bunch
But I won't go on and on,
There's six in Okinawa
And there's seven in Saigon
There are twelve in Indonisia
And twenty in Tibet,
And 3 in North Siberia
That I haven't mentioned yet

So we're a funny family
And once a year we meet
And all the uncles stand in lines
And try hard to compete.
They race around the garden
And they jump off of the shed
And they swim out in the little lake
And they hide under the bed.

And then when the party's over
They pack and get their things
And they give each other presents
Which are tiny purple rings.
Then they order twenty taxis
And they try hard to behave
While my brother and myself
We say goodbye and wave.

Monday, 8 May 2017

New Zealand

Sun-screen, hat and Jandles
Taupo, Waiheke
Chilly bin, ten-pin bowling
Touch beside the sea
Sailing out across the blue
On Bay-of-Islands day
All you Kiwi backpackers
Won’t you all come back someday?

Hokey-pokey, Glad wrap, Anchor,
Manuka Honey,
Paua, Mussels, Oysters,
Snapper, Tarakihi
Driving past the Southern Alps
To watch Dunedin play
All you lucky Kiwi backpackers,
You know you'll all come back someday

All Blacks, Black caps, Tall Blacks
Sailing Silver Fern
All you wanton nations
Listen up and learn
There’s Kiwis all around the world
Cause Kiwis love to roam
But I bet you every one of them
Still calls these islands home!


I'm going to be late
I'm going to be late,
But the whole wide world
Will just have to wait.
I've got something very
Important to do
I'm writing a poem
And it's just for you.

I'm going to be late
But I really don't care
The journey's sometimes more fun
Than arriving somewhere,
We're all in a hurry
But I'm going to be slow,
There's no point in rushing
When there's nowhere to go.

I'm going to be late
I'll be later than you
But you can just tell me
The things that they do
Tell me what happens
Tell me all that was said
And just tell them I writing
A poem in my head

Yes I'm going to be late
Yes I'm going to be late
But it doesn't matter
The whole world can wait,
Tell them I'm busy
I've a poem to do
And then when I'm finished
I'll send it to you.

It might be a poem
About bits of cake,
Or it might be a poem
About a big lake,
It might not be funny,
It might be quite sad
But when it's all finished
At least I'll be glad.

I can't really tell you
What it's really about
I'm still sort of waiting
For it to come out
But one thing's for certain
Which is that I'll be late
But I'm writing a poem
So the whole world can wait.

Monday, 1 May 2017


Up on Stoke they have a joke
That all good children learn to smoke,
But down in Poole they have a rule
That all good children go to school.
In Manchester they teach the children
How to play guitar,
In Liverpool they know that if
You write songs you'll go far.
In Inverness they all confess
A strange desire for learning chess,
But down in Bath they always laugh
If you walk round with a football scarf.
In Chelsea all the children learn
To live out on the street,
In Aberdeen they always learn
To eat a lot of meat
If you're late in Harrogate
The teacher's start to wail,
But if you're early down in Burley
They lock you up in jail.
I've been to school in Winchester,
I've been to school in York
And the great things that it taught me
Was to write a bit and talk
I've been to school in Swansea
And I've been to Truro high,
And what I learnt from those two schools
Was to day dream to fly.
I've been to school in Durham
And in Hull and Chester too,
And everything I've ever learnt
I'd love to give to you.
The things we learn they stay with us
And the things that we forget,
Are still inside us somewhere
But we haven't learnt them yet.
I wish you all the best you know
In whichever place you are,
Just remember school's a little trip
But a life of learning's far.
And if you really want something
Then keep it in your mind,
And if you work and don't give up
I'm sure that thing you'll find.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Thirty-three thoughtful thinkers

Thirty-three thoughtful thinkers
Thought a thousand thoughtful things,
Thought of thunder, thought of thank you
Thought of thirty-thousand rings...

Forty-three thinking fighters,
Fought a thousand thoughtful fights,
Thought of fighting fifty thinkers
Feeding fifteen thousand knights.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Teachers, teachers.

Teachers, teachers
Listen up,
I know it's hard but
Don't give up.

The children sat in front of you
They need your helping hands,
They need someone to care for them
Someone who understands.
They need a guide to help them
Through this confusing place,
A professional explainer
They need a smiling face.
They need someone to show them good
And to show them what is bad
Someone to let them learn themselves
Someone to talk to when they're sad.

Teaching's not like a normal job
It's a blessing in disguise,
It's really, really, really hard
But you get a magic prize.
You get a thing that isn't got
By people everyday,
A space in someone's memories
Where you will always stay.

When the children grow and then grow old
They'll realise how much you've done,
That you taught them all about the world
And made their childhood fun.
They might not write and thank you
They might not get in touch
But in their hearts they wish you well
And say: "Thank you very much."

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Daddy fart machine

Daddy's got a fart machine,
He turns it on at night,
It makes all sorts of noises,
And gives us a stinky fright,

The fart machine is smelly
The fart machine is rude,
Daddy says the fart machine
It runs on eaten food.

Daddy he loves the fart machine,
He loves the noise it makes,
He says it's best when he has eaten
Lots of creamy cakes.

Mum says that she hates though
Especially in their bed,
And if dad doesn't turn it off
He's sleeping in the shed!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Shark and the crocodile

The shark and the crocodile
Were swimming out at sea,
The croc said "Though you've got more teeth
You're not as good as me."

The shark began to chase him
But it couldn't understand,
When the croc it left the water
And ran away on land.

Friday, 14 April 2017

I want to be... a rockstar.

I want to be a rockstar
And have a billion fans,
But my mums say that's crazy dreams
And she never understands
She thinks I should be normal
And act responsibly,
But someone has to be a star
So why can't it be me?

Now when I'm sitting in my room
Practicing guitar,
Mum says "Is all your homework done,
Mr Superstar."
Or when I practicing a song,
And I haven't got it right,
She comes and asks sarcastically
"Is your voice alright?"

Of course I just ignore her
I know she's worried about me,
But I can make it, I know I can
And one day then she'll see...
That I'll be on a great big stage
The last act in the show,
And all the crowd will sing along
And everyone will know...

That I'm a rock and roll superstar
And I followed my dreams
And nothing is impossible
No matter how hard it seems.
Ten thousand million tomorrows
Can't bring back yesterday,
So chase your dreams and never ever
Let them slip away.

The Alien and Mr Peek

Last night I met an alien
While I was in my bed
I don't know if it was for real
Or something in my head.

The alien was only small
His skin was bright and green
His eyes they were the strangest colour
I had ever seen.

He said to me "What is your name?"
I answered "Mr Peek."
And suddenly he laughed so much,
That he could hardly speak

He fell down on the floor
He doubled up in two
He laughed and laughed and laughed
Until his face was almost blue.

Then suddenly he stopped
And I asked "Well? What is the joke?"
But he just smiled and looked at me
And then these words he spoke...

"Well I don't mean to be rude," he said
"And it's not fair on you...
But in my language Mr Peek
Means Stinky smelly Poo..."

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Super-power Fish

I see a small fish that can breath out fire,
And one over there that can bounce like a tyre.
There's a fish with the power to fly for a mile,
And a green one with stripes, that can make people smile.
There's an x-ray fish, and there's one that can walk,
There's one that's invisible and there's one that can talk.

All of these fish they have their own powers,
There are so very many, I could go on for hours...
But a much better thing that I think we could do,
Is that I stop my talking and leave it to you.
So open your head, and then open your mind

And see how many Super-power Fish you can find.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Universe within

If your feeling lonely
And if your feeling bored
Don't let those things get you down
Use your mind as a sword
Slip deep inside and look around
And see what you can make
A tiny minute or a year or two
Is all that it will take.

Just let creation wander
Build palaces and stars,
Build everything that you can think
Build buildings up on mars.
Build bridges in between your ears
And run on them and play,
Build multicoloured bits of cheese
And give them things to say.
Build rocket ships and fly them
Build Zoos and get a pet,
Build wonderful inventions
That no one's thought of yet.
Take a walk around you head
And go deep inside your mind,
Really, really look around
And see what you can find.
Run up to the mountain top
And watch the world below
And understand that these are places
Only you can go.

When you're feeling horrible
And the world's not being good
Don't drown in desperation
Be strong and proud and good
It's not your fault that things are hard
It's not your fault they're mean,
Just close your eyes a while and see
Things no one else has seen
Close your eyes and look inside,
And see what lies within,
Have a race with everyone
And know that you will win.
The world inside is infinite
There's nothing you can't make,
From frozen pearl princesses
To monsters in a lake.

So don't let troubles beat you
And don't let boredom win,
Just build and build and build up strong
The universe within.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Nothing wrong.

There's nothing wrong, there's nothing wrong
The world is all alright,
We wake up in the morning
And we go to bed at night.

The sun will rise tomorrow
And float across the sky,
The world will keep on spinning
And the hours pass us by

The sun will set at night time
And the moon will change its shape
When we're tired we will go to sleep
And in dreams we will escape.


Her favourite shape's a crescent
His favourite shape's a square,
Some like every single shape
And they don't really care.

My brother he loves hexagons
My dad he loves them too,
My mum she loves trapeziums
Or an arrow that's bright blue.

My uncles says a rectangle
Which is red's a precious thing
Auntie says it's not as precious
As a golden circle ring.

There are lots of different triangles
 That filled my books in school.
A pentagon's a lovely shape
An octagon is cool

A rhombus is a funny one,
Parallelograms are sweet
A diamond makes me think of kites
An oval's round and neat

I see shapes in everything
In windows, books and leaves
I see shapes in apricots
And motorcars and trees.

It doesn't matter anyway
Which shape you think is best
There isn't any single shape
That's better than the rest.

They're all just as important
And they're wonderful as they are
And every single shape we have
Is a shape shift superstar!

Saturday, 8 April 2017


Make the alphabet your toy
Play with it day and night,
Mix it up and spin it round
Until it comes out right.

Words are just a little tool
With which to have some fun,
They make a brand new universe
When lined up one by one.

So get all of your letters out
And open up your mind,
Make them into lots of words
And see what you can find.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Bright Blue Sky

When I am watching stars at night
And when I fly my sister's kite
I think about how small I am...
And I feel little like a lamb

But when I watch the birds that fly
And when I see the bright blue sky
Well then I think I'm made of iron
And I feel stronger than a lion.

Thursday, 6 April 2017


In nine hundred and fifty years
Will man still have two eyes, two ears?
Will he still start a child and when
He grows old be a child again?

In nine hundred and fifty years
Will fate still flood men's eyes with tears?
And when he's walking in the street
Will man still move upon his feet?
Or will he have some wheels instead,
Or great big wings upon his head?

Nine hundred and fifty years from now
Will man have udders like a cow?
Will he have grown to twice as big,
Or shrunk to the size of a mini pig?

And will he still be taught in schools
And have to obey stupid rules?
And will he still think jokes are funny,
And swap his time to work for money.

In twenty-nine-thousand-and-sixty-six
Will buildings still be made of bricks?
Or will we live in plastic homes
Or giant caves or shiny domes?

In nine hundred and fifty years
Will man still fight with guns and spears?
Or will he live in peace at last
And war and hunger and be long gone past?

Nine hundred and fifty years from now
Will they read these words somehow
And in a classroom will they speak
About the poet Mr Peek
And how he came to Silverdale
To read these words and tell his tale
And will they think it strange to know
These words were written
So, so long ago?

Wings of Freedom

I will aim for the top of the mountain
Keep climbing and I will not stop,
When I look down in the valley
I will have no fear of the drop.

For I'm borne on the wings of the angels
And my chains have collapsed to the ground,
I go onwards and upwards forever
With this faith and this freedom I've found.


I am a happy bunny
I'm laughing all the while,
I think everything is funny
And I always wear a smile

Some people think I'm stupid
But they're grumpy and they're sad
If they thought like I do
Then they'd also be glad

The happiness we feel
It all comes from within,
And if you have a happy mind
Then sorrow cannot win.

Friday, 31 March 2017

My little Goat

My little goat he loves to bleat
He's very cute he's got four feet
He never moans, he never cries
He's got such strange and pretty eyes. 
He's got big horns above his nose,
And great big hooves instead of toes.
But strange to say there's something wrong
He eats and eats the whole day long.

He eats all sorts of funny things,
Bits of paper, curtain rings
Piles of grass and leaves from trees
Books and blankets, bags of peas
Stolen watches, teddy bears
Football shirts and mouldy pears
Bits of mud and muddy socks
A duvet and a cardboard box
A letter that was never sent
A brand new sleeping bag and tent.

A thousand fish and fifteen bones
And 16 bags of mobile phones
A boomerang, a bag of cheese,
A dinosaur with dirty knees
A leopard and a big giraffe
A fox that used to make me laugh
Some sawdust from a Chinese mill
A bag of rust, a little pill
A hairbrush that was made in France
Two monkey toys that used to dance.

Twelve Turnips and a pot of glue
Six puzzles made in Timbuktu
A lizard rolling purples dice
Some TV screens, a bag of rice
A small toy dog, a yellow frog,
A lamppost that looked like a log
Some pots of chocolate from Hong Kong
A tutu and a plastic gong
A keyboard from a music shop
He eats and eats and just won't stop!

He'll eat us all! He's got to go!
And so, I'm very sad to say it though...
We're using our shed as a jail
And now we've got a goat for sale.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


It's hard to cry, it's hard to cry
But it's so good for you,
To let yourself break down a bit
And shed a tear or two.

Some people say they never cry
But I think that's quite sad,
Whenever I give in to tears
It always makes me glad.

If you keep all your troubles in
They grow and do not mend,
But if you lose them through your eyes
Your tears become your friend.

Monday, 27 March 2017


Monday is the day I like
To go for rides upon my bike
On Tuesdays I eat fish for tea
On Wednesdays I take vitamin B
On Thursdays I just love to drink
A pint of water by the sink
But Fridays are the days I leave
So on Saturdays I can't believe
That Sunday is the next and then
The whole thing comes around again.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Somewhere over the rainbow
Live the little unicorns
They're lots of pretty colours
And they all have magic horns.

Whenever I see rainbows
I close my eyes and pray,
That one day a little unicorn
Will decide to come my way

Yes I'd have such a lovely time,
If a unicorn was my friend,
Ours lives would like magic
And our friendship never end.

Yes, the world would be a better place
If I could only get,
A friendly, magic unicorn
And keep it as my pet.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Amber Cloud (The Retro Girl)

Amber cloud, the Retro Girl,
Has socks with holey toes,
All she ever gets to wear
Are hand-me-down old clothes.

Amber cloud has clothes too big
And clothes that are too small,
And nothing that she ever wears
Fits perfectly at all.

Her shoes have all been worn before
But they're all she can get,
And when it rains, then naturally,
Her toes get soaking wet.

Oh Amber Cloud, dear Amber cloud
Although now's sad for you,
One day when you're an adult
Your clothes will all be new.


I don't have time to exercise
But I have time to eat
I don't have time for push-ups
But I like a tasty treat
I don't have time for running
Or for going for a walk
But I have time for TV
And for sitting down to talk
I don't have time for anything
except stuffing my face
And I don't really care
If you think it's a disgrace
Because I love eating too much
And I love eating lots
And I don't care if it makes me fat
Or if it gives me spots
Because all I really want is food
And to eat and eat all day,
And if you do not like it,
Then you can go away.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


We've got a dog
A dog we've got,
It's not her fault
She farts a lot.

It must be something
In her food,
That makes her seem
So smelly and rude.

The problem is
As you will see,
When the dog farts
Everyone looks at me,

"It wasn't me!"
I blush and say,
But by then,
The dog's run away

And everyone thinks
That it's a lie,
And they call me stinky-smelly-bum
And I want to cry!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


From rats to nits we've got it all
This house is like a zoo,
There's beetles in the woodwork
And there's lizards in the loo.
There's a rhino in the garden
There's a lemur in the shed
And a tiny armadillo
Who is stuck beneath the bed.
There's a thousand cheeky chipmunks
Who refuse to go away,
And standing in the front room
There a camel eating hay

There are...
Twenty Elephants, Nineteen pigs
And Eighteen badgers wearing wigs
Seventeen cats, sixteen mice
Fifteen wolves, fourteen lice,
Thirteen hamsters stuck in wheels
Twelve baboons, eleven seals,
Ten tapir with great big noses,
Nine night owls all eating roses
Eight eels up inside the bath
With seven cows and a little calf
There's six small sloths and five big dogs
And four cute bright green bouncing frogs
There's three giraffes and two racoons
And a walrus that keeps eating spoons...

Oh... this is such a strange, strange house
I don't know what to do,
I think I might just quit my job
And open up a zoo.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Spring Flowers.

Little flower bulbs
Down in the dark,
Lying so silently
Suddenly spark.
The weather is warmer
They're longing to grow,
After months in the ground
Beneath rain, frost and snow.
They start to expand
They stretch out their roots,
They gradually grow
They push up small shoots.

And up in the fields
In the woods and the park
We see their green tips
Appear out of the dark.
The Crocus, the Daffodil,
The Tulips all rise,
With the Hyacinth and Iris
They stretch to the skies.

And we people above,
In the lovely spring air,
We stand in amazement
And in wonder we stare
At the beauty around us
As nature's unfurled,
And we think to ourselves
What a wonderful world.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Tell me do

Please, please, please
Tell me how I sneeze,
Tell me why I dream at night
And how I bend my knees.

Do, do, do
Please tell me how I chew
Tell me why I hear my thoughts
And how I speak to you.

Right, right, right
What is the speed of light
Are the stars there in the daytime
Or are they only there at night?

I really want to know these things
It's troubling my mind,
Could you Google up an answer please
And tell me what you find?