Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Sleep Train

At night a little sleep train
Stops beside a person's bed
And either they get on it
Or they stay awake instead.

If the person jumps onto the train
Then in dreams they float away,
And they can then forget themselves
Until another day.

But if they miss the sleep train
No matter how the person strives,
They have to lay awake until
Another one arrives.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


In Pompeii they stay where they fell and died
Crouched in rooms, all full of fear and weeping,
A mother holding babies at her side,
As though they are not dead but merely sleeping.
A man is screaming but he makes no sound
Another's voice is crying to be heard,
I stand quite still and move my eyes around
My tongue is stone I cannot speak a word.
I glide outside and take a photograph
I make a post on Facebook for my friends
I move around upon a gravel path
We live our life and suddenly it ends.
I've had enough so slowly walk away,
Unlike the stony dead of old Pompeii.

Sunday, 30 October 2016


Fireworks, fireworks
Red, pink and blue,
Purple, green and orange
And bright, bright yellow too.

I watch the fireworks explode,
I cover up my ears,
I think I'm making memories
That will last a thousand years.

I love to watch the fireworks
As they float up in the night,
I love the pretty colours
And the little, noisy fright.

Green Bogeys

Green bogeys, Green bogeys,
All stuck to my thumb,
Green bogeys, green bogeys,
Can I give you some?

We’ll eat them for breakfast
We’ll eat them for tea,
Green bogeys, green bogeys
Delicious and free.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Little Tigers

Little tigers love to bite
Love to roar and love to fight,
But they'll always treat you nice
If you feed them lots of mice.

Little tigers love to run
Love to jump and have some fun
Although they've got long nasty claws
And needle sharp teeth in their jaws.

But if you feed them bits of meat
And, when you're walking, watch your feet
Then one day soon you just might get,
A lovely, fluffy cuddly pet.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

My Uncle Iz

My Uncle Iz,
A very strange man
He does the best
He can, can, can
He's got himself
A dozen knives
And fourteen fish
And sixteen wives.

My Uncle Iz,
With his tails and feet
And all his goats
That bleat, bleat, bleat.
He's got himself
A can of worms
And sixteen kisses
Filled with germs.

My Uncle Iz,
Can't be ignored
He loves to shout
I'm Bored! Bored! Bored!
He's got himself
Three yellow hats
And twenty seconds
Filled with bats.

My Uncle Iz
My Uncle Iz
Filled with jump
And filled with fizz.
He's got blue eyes
And a great big nose
And yellow teeth
And stinky toes

Yes Uncle Iz
Looks very weird
With a gangs of fish
In his beard, beard, beard.
He's never, ever
Makes a fuss
And never comes
To visit us.

But now I hear
That Uncle Jim
Is taking us
To visit him.
And we're all going
With auntie Liz,
To stay a week
With1444 uncle Iz

Thursday, 18 August 2016


In between the paving stones
There's nasty little cracks,
Where greedy monsters grab your feet
And turn your soul to wax.

They're hidden underneath the ground
They're hungry and they're mean,
And if they catch you then you know
You'll never more be seen.

So when you're walking upon the street
Be careful where you tread,
For if you wander out of line
You might just end up dead.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Thunder crash

Hear the mighty thunder crash
See the jagged lightening flash
Weather cold or weather warm
Deadly calm or raging storm
The weather loves to be extreme
Loves to hear you stop and scream
Typhoon whirling rip your roof
Nothing here is weather proof
Houses taken by the flood
Villages consumed in mud
Blizzards where you can't get out
Deserts where there's only drought
Weather's up and weather's down
Hurricanes destroy your town
All is chaos, nothing's true
When the weather comes for you

Monday, 18 July 2016

What's Yours

I'm brushing my teeth
With your cocker spaniel
Picking my toes
With your delicate ways
You always think,
But nobody noticed,
Why we are waiting
And how many days.

When it's tomorrow
They'll answer quite freely
All of the questions 
That you send away.
But only tomorrow
And only by speaking
Only tomorrow 
And never today.

Speak to me now 
About all that I owe you
Speak to me now
With a wink and a sigh
All of us know it
But nobody answers
What is the riddle,
The answer is die?

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Sorrow

The Sorrow comes when you least expect it
Makes your feelings all its own.
See that box? You haven't ticked it.
Now you live life all alone.

You are not to know what's coming
Just a moment up ahead,
Waiting round the closest corner
All your wishes will be dead.

The Sorrow does not want for mercy.
The Sorrow waits on no man's whim.
Try to run and try to hide,
But sure enough you'll end with him.

Down and down and down he'll take you 
To the darkest depths of you.
When The Sorrow gives you shelter,
All is lost and black and blue.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Lest we forget

How did they trick you
Into starting their war?
Did they say you were different
Just like before?

Did they say that the others
Wanted somethings that's yours?
Did they muster your courage
With plastic applause?

Did they say you'd be fighting
For all that you know?
Did they say only your way
Was the right way to go?

Tell me how did they trick you
And did you see that they lied,
When the only real truth
Was that everyone died?

Friday, 8 July 2016


There was an angel once
Who kept walking into things
He couldn’t really help it
It was just his great big wings
They were so big he BUMPED them
Into every door
And then he always fell and BUMPED
His bum down on the floor.

And if he tried to go outside
He just BUMPED into the trees
And then he’d always fall over
And BUMP down on his knees
And so he went out on the pier
Where there was lots of space
But still he tripped up on his wings

And BUMPED down on his face.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Olympics

The olympics used to be a race
But now it's a commercial disgrace.

I don't know, I think it's fun
I wish I had a starter gun

I could have been a great athlete
If I didn't have such smelly feet.

I could have been a professional sporting star
But I don't like running far.

I am healthy and I'm strong
The olympics are where I belong.

Olympic Rings

See these five rings all held up high?
They represent a fight
Between our thirst for victory
And our struggle to unite.

We share in sports, we win the race,
We praise good sportsmanship,
But in the real world we all fall from grace
And into wars we stumble and we trip

Let's hope that this ideal is not a dream
And that a new age has at last begun,
When we can stand together as a team
And all the world at long last can be one.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Shadows.

The shadows in my room came closer to my bed
The shadows in my room heard every word I said
They want to eat me up I know,
They want to grind me down,
The shadows in my room look like
A monster with a crown.

The shadows in my room are places in the dark
They are not little creatures or squirrels from the park
They are not scary monsters,
They are not badger's teeth,
The shadows in my room are not a sneaky, murdering thief.

The shadows in my room are coming closer I can see
They're getting closer all the time they're trying to swallow me
The shadows won't let me survive,
They're laughing at me too,
And when they've eaten me alive
They're coming after you.


I had a little piece of string
I tied it to my toes
But then it started growing
Until it reached my nose.

All at once I realised
It wasn't string at all
But actually a great big snake
That measured six feet tall

I gave the snake a place to sleep
A pillow and a bed,
I gave him mice to gobble up
And chose to call him Fred.

The Lion's teeth.

The lion's teeth are not just sharp
They're also very strong,
And if he puts you in his mouth,
Then that's where you belong.

So when he munches up your legs
Then starts to eat your head,
Don't just lie there screaming,
Say "Thank you sir," instead.

Out the light

May Goblin boots tramp on your head
Or pixies scratch your eyes instead,
And as you're turning out the light
May fear cause you a sleepless night.

May all your nightmares come again
Creeping through your sleeping brain,
And the things you fear the most of all
Come walking through your bedroom wall.

In comes darkness, in comes night,
Orcs and daemons start to fight,
All is wrong and nothing's right,
As trembling hands turn out the light.

Monday, 4 July 2016

King Haiku

King, Haiku, Nature
The element of surprise,
Summer, falling leaves.

The King and Queen.

The King and Queen they had a fight
When the King he said
That he couldn't sleep at night
Because the Queen she snored in bed.

"Well that's not very polite of you."
She said back to the King
"At least I don't make croaking noises
When I try to sing."

Well the King got so upset by this
That it almost made him cry,
And so he ran up to the Queen
And tried to punch her in the eye.

But the Queen she saw it coming
And she quickly moved her head
And the poor old king he gave a shout
When he punched the wall instead

Then the Queen she bought some earplugs
And she gave them to the king,
But sometimes she still borrows them
If he ever starts to sing.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Filly-Gop Fun

If you've every woken a Filly-Gop
Then you've woken up one of these,
And I hope that you had a good reason
If you happened to ask it to sneeze.

When your son is in love with a thicket
And your daughter's in love with a shrew
Then just take them both out and play cricket
Or give them both something to do.
Just get them away from the weasels
And get them away from the Gumph
And if you've been good at your measles
Then you children will listen to Lumph

So if every you've had a good reason
To wake up a Filly-Gop sneeze
Then set all of your sights on a seasons
And both of your hands on your knees.

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Romans

I don't know much about Romans
Could you tell me a thing maybe two?
I think they invented hot baths
And I think they invented the loo.

I know that they built a big wall
To keep the barbarians out
I know that they had great big armies
And gladiators to fight and to shout.

I know there was an emperor Nero
And a roman called Caesar as well
And that they built very long roads
Or so all the history books tell

But of all of the facts about romans
There are more I don't know than I know
But I know that they had a huge empire
Lots of years ago.

And I know that their empire is gone now
And their power and strength didn't last
And perhaps the best lesson they taught us
Is that all things on earth come to pass.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The sugar Beast & Mr Fat

The sugar beast and Mr Fat
We're only having fun
When the jumped into the icing
Of my little Chelsea Bun.
Then they hid inside a donut
And they waited on my lips,
For me to lick them off
And send them down onto my hips.

A book, a book

A book, a book
Was all it took
To come and save the day.
When everything
Was sad and dull,
When the world
Was looking grey.
I opened up a picture book
That was asking me to play,
A book, a book
Was all it took
To carry me away.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Label Lady

The label lady's got a lot
Of things she like to do,
She likes to label curtains
And to paint the pigeons blue.
She likes to put the knives and forks
In pretty little rows
She likes to sing to dandelions
She likes to paint her toes.

The label lady's got a little
House up in Argyll,
Where she keeps an iguana 
And a six the foot crocodile.
She loves to label passers by
She likes to label cheese,
She loves to stick her labels on
The wings of passing bees.

Yes the label lady's funny
And she's bright and lots of fun
Unless she starts to label you
With her sticky label gun...
She stuck labels in my hair
She stuck a blue one on my thumb
And when I turned to run away
She stuck one on my bum.

Friday, 6 May 2016


I was sitting in the garden
Thinking of a tweet,
When suddenly a little snail
Walked across my feet.
I asked "Where are you going?"
But the snail did not reply,
Instead it got a great big stick
And poked me in the eye.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Rude Finger

Rude finger, rude finger
Don't you ever dare,
Show it to your teachers
Or they'll cut off all your hair.
And if you show your mum and dad
Then they'll be angry too,
And they'll chop off your rude finger
And they'll flush it down the loo.

Monday, 25 April 2016

I really love my body

I really love my body
I love to laugh and run
I really love my body
I think it's so much fun

I really love my body
I love to rush about
I love to stamp upon the floor,
I love to scream and shout.

I really love my body,
I love to jump and leap
But sometimes all I want to do
Is go to bed and sleep.

Friday, 22 April 2016


We were born to fly
But they messed up our wings
And made us wear anchors
And all sorts of things
That hold us down
And hold us back
And make us start thinking
There's something that we lack.

But it's not true
We are perfectly built,
And nothing can stop us
But worries and guilt
So open your mind
And look up and say
I was born to fly
And then fly away.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


At Kingsnorth school
We know with faith
How much we can achieve,
And know that we will never fail
As long as we believe.
For one hundred and fifty years
We've worked hard and succeeded
This school has been a home at times
And a family when needed.

In and out of doors and rooms
For years children have passed
Who started when they were so young
But all grew up so fast.
And each child is a little light
That keeps on shining still
With laughter, love and memories
This happy school to fill.

So all these floors and walls have seen
A thousand smiling faces
And the light of love serene
That lights the darkest places.
For one hundred and fifty years
We've learnt how to achieve
At Kingsnorth all is possible
If you work hard and believe.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Thank you

Thank you very, very much
For everything you've done
Without you making Bits & Bobs
Would not have been such fun.

Friday, 15 April 2016


There's an elephant on my shoulder
A caterpillar in my eye
And a monkey with a tambourine
Who always likes to sigh
There's an angel on my shoulder
There's a burden and a myth
And a man without a periscope
Who says his name is Smith
There's a dragon on an earlobe
There's a tattooed tangerine
That used to play the mandolin
Whenever it was seen.
There's a weapon in a headlock
And a mask of Kubla Khan
That's speaking to a lady
Whose head's stuck in a barn
There's a whistle and a message
There's a zebra spotting bear
And a monkey with a mirror
Who says he isn't there.
There's a space between the letters
There's a line around the edge
There's a bird who plays the fiddle
Who is nesting in a hedge.
There's a printer and a paper
And a journalist or two
There's a pot of peanut butter
And a jug of vindaloo.
There are no more things to listen
There is nothing left to leave
There is no more division
Between real and make believe
There is nothing we can witness
There is nothing left to tell
There's nothing in a shadow
No sound inside a bell.
So let them all come running
There is nothing in the cup
Except a little cunning
And refusal to give up.


Little boys that tell big lies
Have their mouths filled with flies
Their noses are then stuffed with worms
And both their eyes blocked up with germs.

Little girls that strut and boast
Have their hands tied to a post
And then they're locked up in a cave
Until they learn how to behave.

All little boys and little girls
Should good manners acquire
Or else, after their punishments,
They'll be thrown on the fire.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Into the woods

Are you lost in the woods tonight?
Then watch your toes, the badgers bite.
The fox is hungry, weasel too,
And they're all here to hunt for you.

The Big Bad Squirrel escaped today
And in these woods has come to stay.
She'll eat your eyeballs for a treat
Then cut off both your hands and feet.
She'll break your legs and peel your skin
And teach you where all fears begin.
It's very sad, but very true...
She's yearns to play with things like you.

So please don't think it's just a game,
She likes to hurt and loves to maim.
The dark woods are no place to roam
So hurry off and hurry home.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


I love to share, it's much more fun
Than having things alone.
Things are only half as good,
When you have them on your own.

I love to eat a yummy cake
And share a piece with you,
My cakes they always taste the best
When you can taste them too.

I love to share, it makes my life
So much better than before,
I'd love to give you all I have
And then give you some more.

Monday, 11 April 2016



Friday, 1 April 2016

Poem in my pocket.

I've always got a poem in my pocket
And a comb for when I need to brush my hair
And a little piece of paper in a locket
With a picture of someone who isn't there

I've always got a pocket for a whistle
And a pocket for a tissue and a key
And a bottle and a bubble and a thistle
And a pocket for a little memory

I've always got a pocket for tomorrow
And a pocket for the waves upon the sea
And a pocket for the things I want to borrow
And a pocket for the things I want to be

Got a pocket for the weather when it's sunny
Got a foggy pocket for the wind and rain
Got a pocket for something that's really funny
That I will give you when we meet again.

Yes, I've always got a poem in my pocket
And a pocket for a rainbow and a kiss
And a tiny little laugh inside a rocket
That I will send to everyone I miss.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


We got a cat to come one day
And live inside our house,
Not because we loved it much
But 'cause we had a mouse.

But sadly we saw, in dismay,
The mouse it chased the cat away!
So now we're stuck, inside our house,
With our new friend, the little mouse.

Monday, 14 March 2016


Derek likes to go to bed
With a lamppost on his head,
He turns it on and turns it off
But then he always starts to cough.

And when he does,
Surprise, surprise
He grows two purple wings
And flies.


Far away,
And farther still
There lived a monkey
Who was ill,
And who had such
A dreadful cough
That one day
His nose fell off.

Clotted Cream

When I lie in bed at night
I teach my feet to dream,
I close my eyes and they take flight
On wings of clotted cream.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


The Egyptians built the pyramids
It took a long, long time
Often hills that are the hardest,
Are the best to climb.

The Egyptians cared about their dreams,
And made their dreams come true
You can also do the same
It's always up to you.

Do something you find worthwhile
A gift you want to give.
And even though you're working hard
A happy life you'll live.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Little Litter Bin

I am a little litter bin
If I'm empty then I'm sad,
Only when you fill me up
Do I get really glad.
So when you have some rubbish
Don't throw it on the floor,
Feed it to me quickly
And then go and get some more!

I am a little litter bin
Please give me all your waste,
I love the munch and crunch of it
I love the rubbish taste.
I love it when I see the world
Is clean and litter free.
So if you have some rubbish
Please feed it all to me!

Monday, 29 February 2016

Alien Dream.

I dreamed that I was out in space
Floating round and round
With everywhere in darkness
And without a single sound.

Then suddenly I heard a voice
From right up next to me
I turned to look and there he was
A funny sight to see.

A little man with bright green skin,
Who, much to my surprise,
Was floating looking back at me
With happy, friendly eyes.

He was a funny creature
He had eyes the size of plates
And when he took his hat off
He had ears the size of gates.

He shook my hand and said goodbye
With a smile upon his face
And then he did a little flip
And flew off into space.


I met a little alien
When I was last in space,
He looked a little scary
But he had a funny face.
His nose was made of plastic
And his ears were made of glue
And when he opened up his mouth
His head looked like a shoe.
He had two arm and seven legs,
His skin was green and grey,
I tried to get a picture of him
But he flew away.

The journeys I have travelled on

The journeys I have travelled on
The places I have been
The people I have looked upon
The palaces I've seen.
They do not mean much to me now,
My travelling is through,
For I have found my paradise
At home sat next to you.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


I am a little star
Look at me shining bright
I shine out in the darkness
And I twinkle in the night


I like butter
Although it makes me fat
I like butter
What do you think of that?

I like butter
On bits of bread and toast
I like butter
It's the thing I love the most.

I like butter
The more the better too,
I love me butter.
How about you?

Monday, 22 February 2016


Did I see the full moon dancing
Way up in the sky
With a face of custard creams
And cherry blossom pie?

Did I see the stars were just
A billion flashing lights
Floating on a plate of dust
Way out in the night?

Did I see the earth was spinning
Are things as they seem
Or am I still asleep in bed
And is it all a dream?

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Grief

Little Mandy had a problem
She was such a thief
That they cut off both her hands
And sold her to The Grief

The Grief his hair is black as night
His eyes are white as death
And when he holds you in his arms
He steals away your breath

Oh little children everywhere
Beware of what you do
If you take what is not yours
The Grief will come for you

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Choose your thoughts
Most carefully,
Because they are
Who you will be.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Birdman.

The Birdman thinks he is a bird
The Kiteman is a kite
Together they go flying round
Beneath the stars at night.

And sometimes when they want some fun
They fly up to the moon
And frighten all the children there
By bursting a balloon.

Then when they come back down to earth
The Kiteman goes to bed
But the Birdman never really sleeps
So builds a nest instead.

Monday, 8 February 2016


I dream that I was out in space,
And everything was dark
And everything was silent
And there was not a single spark.

Then suddenly a little face
With eyes that seemed to glow.
Came floating right in front of me
And smiled and said "Hello."

And then he asked me for my name
So I said "Mr Peek"
And that's when he began to laugh
So much he could not speak.

Then when he'd calmed down just a bit
I said "Well what's the joke."
But as he started answering
I suddenly awoke.

The Little Dragon.

The tiny little dragon
Is feeling very sad,
Oh why, Oh why,
Oh why, Oh why,
Is he feeling so bad?

I wonder if he's lost his coat?
Or has he got a poorly throat?
Perhaps he's got an itchy nose?
Or itchy feet and itchy toes?
Has he lost his favourite shoes?
Has he heard some nasty news?
Is he scared of night and dark?
Has he heard a big dog bark?
Did he get into a fight?
Or lose his teddies in the night?

Oh what, Oh what, Oh what is wrong?
Has he heard a sad, sad song?
All this weeping's just too sad?
Can we somehow make him glad?

The dragon cries so much and sighs
And makes big tears come to my eyes
Why the moaning? Why the groaning?
Tiny dragon, tell me do,
What in the world is wrong with you?

Oh can't you see? Oh can't you see?
The little dragon said to me.
Oh can't you look? Oh can't you find?
Oh can't you see? Oh are you blind?

Last night as I lay in my bed
I got a terribly sneezy head.
And this is why I sit and wail
Because when I sneezed...
I burnt my tail!


If all you think about is you
Then you just don't have a clue
What the world is all about
And you may never work it out.

Day Off

I want to have a day off
With my mum and dad
I wish they were less serious
I wish they were more glad
I want them both to sit down
And do something with me
I want my mum and dad
To be a little bit more free

Why can't they just stop rushing round
And round the whole day long
When I sing "Row, row, row your boat"
Why won't they sing along?
I want to have a day off
And play a game or two
Or maybe do a puzzle
And then mess it up with you.

I wish mum you would put down
Her stupid mobile phone
Whenever you check FaceBook
You leave me all alone
And dad you're always saying
You've got so much to do
Why can't we have a day off
Just mum and me and you?

Come on mum and come on dad
I'm growing up so fast
And soon my little childhood
Will just be in the past
Please can we have a day off?
Where we can laugh and talk
Or maybe read a book or two
Or go out for a walk

It's all I really want
And it's all we really need
Just a tiny little day off
Would be wonderful indeed.

Friday, 5 February 2016


Eye dont car mutch four spelin
It dusnt bover me
if u no wot yor redin
ore undrstan u c
its juste ay stuupd
wast ov tyme
lyk punktuuachn toe
ey dont fink wee nead it
itz just ay lowd ov poo

I don't care much for spelling
It doesn't bother me,
If you know what you're reading
Or understand, you see?
It's just a stupid
Waste of time,
Like punctuation too.
I don't think we need it,
It's just a load of poo.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I used to have a car
With a remote control
I used to have an Action Man
With a plastic soul.

I used to have a game,
Where you had to trap a mouse,
I used to have some bits of wood,
With which I built a house

I used to have a load of toys
But very few were good
I think my parents bought them
Just because they thought they should.

I had a million plastic things
That never lasted long,
I had so many stupid toys
That broke or just went wrong.

I had boxes full of batteries
But all of them were flat
I had toys that needed energy,
But none of them had that.

I had a little motorbike,
I had a laughing clown,
But after half an hour
They had both just broken down.

I had two boxing robots
Standing in a ring
But if you played them on your own
They didn't mean a thing.

I got piles of toys for Christmas
I got toys for birthdays too
But all of them meant nothing
When they were compared to you.

You see I had a brother
A brother to help me out
Though sometimes we would argue,
And sometimes we would shout.

But he was more fun than any toys
So I didn't really care
If my things they got broken,
Then I knew that he would share.

Yes I've forgotten all my toys
Most ended in the bin,
And I don't really care about
Which dump they ended in.

But my brother he was always
There when we were bored
And we found something to make
Or we went out and explored

Yes he was there and he'll be there
Until the very end
Yes my great big big brother
Will always be my bestest friend.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Mummy said.

Daddy always farts in bed,
That's what my poor mummy said.
So now to sleep she always goes,
With a clothes peg on her nose.

Saturday, 30 January 2016


The smile you have is so much fun,
Make sure you share it with someone.


If I am sad,
For a short while,
I make good thoughts
And then I smile.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

After Dark

In the playground after dark
There's a man called Mr Spark,
He's got television eyes
And a dog that's in disguise.

In the playground late at night
There's a man called Mr White,
He's got eyes of burning red
And a saucepan on his head.

In the playground in the day
There's a man called Mr May,
He's got eyes as black as snow
And a trumpet on his toe.

In the playground you can see
All the things you want to be,
So close your eyes and try to find,
All the playgrounds in your mind.