Saturday, 17 June 2017


I don't want cheese
I don't want soup,
I don't want fish
From Guadeloupe.
I've said it now
My point is made,
I just want toast
With marmalade.

I don't want eggs
I don't want ham,
I don't want baked beans
Served by pam.
You know the thing
That I love most,
Is marmalade
On nice warm toast.

I love the way
It spreads so thick,
I love to eat it
Slow or quick.
I love the orange
Tasty taste,
I want marmalade

I love marmalade
I love it so much,
I love its sticky
Gluey touch.
I've loved it since
I was very small,
Give me marmalade
And I'll eat it all.

Friday, 16 June 2017


There was a man all made of springs
Who used to jump on funny things,
He jumped on people's telephones
And jumped on small dogs eating bones.

He used to jump on trees as well
And once jumped on a ringing bell,
He jumped on tall boys eating cheese
And jumped on girls with dirty knees.

But now you know, I am sad to say,
The jumping man has gone away,
He bounced upon a trampoline
And since that day has not been seen.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Clatter Cow

We clatter Bong we clatter Bing
We clatter Cow and Tree,
We love to laugh, we love to run
We love Two-roll and Bee.

We settle Bracket's purpose
We purpose Porpoise too,
We sink inside the bellyful
Of pickled pointest stew.

We all went round The Anchor then
We tied it to a Pea,
Which made a mess of Tankerhen
Who scribbled on a knee.

We clatter Titchy Triangle
We tickle Jumpy Lou,
We bury all the sensicles
And bring them back to you.

We bury all the sensicles
And bring them back to you.