Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Daisy Dormouse.

Daisy Dormouse snored and snored
She snored so much,
She almost roared.
When she woke up,
She just felt bored.
And so she slept and slept and slept.
And all the animals she kept,
Awake all night
In such a fright
Because they thought a tiger bright
Was roaring, roaring,
In the night.

But the roar was not a tiger bright,
Just Daisy Dormouse,
In the night,
Boring, snoring,
Sleeping tight,
And dreaming of
A tiger's bite,
That gave her such
A dreadful fright
She roared just like
A tiger might
Out in the scary
Forest night.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Snails on snow.

Snails on snow,
Snails on snow,
They just don't know
Which way to go,
They slide around
And round and round,
Till tails and heads
Just can't be found.

Snails on ice,
Snails on ice,
They can not listen
to advice,
They slip and slide
And glide and ride,
Across the icy

Oh snails are better in the sun
Where they can walk
And they can run
And they can stick,
Their sticky shoe,
Onto the earth,
With goo goo.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Cousin Andy

My cousin Andy’s got a six-foot nose
And sixteen purple Pigeons
That whistle on his toes
And when he goes to bed at night
Twelve monkeys guard his bed
And seven yellow spiders
Spin dreams around his head

My cousin Andy’s got a Chinese saw
And a ticket from Mongolia
And a book on Aztec law
And when he swims out in the sea
He grows an orange tail
And makes a meal of sausages
In the belly of a whale

My cousin Andy’s got a bed that flies
And a car that’s made of marmalade
And forty-seven eyes
And when he wrestles dinosaurs
Then I know he always wins
Because I read it in a letter
That he once sent to the twins

My cousin Andy’s got a sweet shop too
And a gang of talking pictures
And a pot of magic glue
And when he sits up on the roof
He can name you all the stars
And he says he’s been to Pluto
And I know he’s been to Mars

Yes, my cousin Andy’s the best one in the world
He’s even got a little box
In which a snake is curled
And daddy says that one fine day
When he’s saved up all his money
Then we’re going to visit Andy
In the land of milk and honey

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The seeds succeed.

The seeds they wait to germinate
Until three needs are met
A place to stay, a sunny day
And water they must get.

And then they start to grow and grow
To reach up to the sun,
It happens to them all you know,
Every single one.

They grow some roots
That go deep down,
They grow a leafy
Type of crown,
All they need
Is lots of light,
And a chance
To rest at night,
And some water,
And some earth,
And then they grow
For all they're worth.

Look at the wonders of creation
Grown from seeds and germination.


What is photosynthesis?
(Apart from a long word)
It's really quite important,
For all the plants I've heard.

It's something about breathing,
And carbon dioxide,
But I don't really understand,
No matter how I've tried.

It's something about water
And sun and dark and leaves,
And something about oxygen
Which every plant it breathes.

In school my teacher told me,
His name was Mr Rotten,
It's something about glucose,
But now I've quite forgotten.

So can you tell me anything
About a word as long as this
I'd really like to know, you know
What's photosynthesis?

Coconut eggs?

The Coconut, the Coconut,
He sprouted arms and legs,
And then he ran off down the road,
Looking for some eggs.

And when he finally found some,
He scrambled them for lunch,
And went off eating breakfast,
Munchy! Munchy! Crunch!

The Coconut.

The coconut, the coconut,
A great big seed indeed,
One day he sprouted arms and legs
Ran down the road
And weed!