Thursday, 23 June 2016

Filly-Gop Fun

If you've every woken a Filly-Gop
Then you've woken up one of these,
And I hope that you had a good reason
If you happened to ask it to sneeze.

When your son is in love with a thicket
And your daughter's in love with a shrew
Then just take them both out and play cricket
Or give them both something to do.
Just get them away from the weasels
And get them away from the Gumph
And if you've been good at your measles
Then you children will listen to Lumph

So if every you've had a good reason
To wake up a Filly-Gop sneeze
Then set all of your sights on a seasons
And both of your hands on your knees.

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Romans

I don't know much about Romans
Could you tell me a thing maybe two?
I think they invented hot baths
And I think they invented the loo.

I know that they built a big wall
To keep the barbarians out
I know that they had great big armies
And gladiators to fight and to shout.

I know there was an emperor Nero
And a roman called Caesar as well
And that they built very long roads
Or so all the history books tell

But of all of the facts about romans
There are more I don't know than I know
But I know that they had a huge empire
Lots of years ago.

And I know that their empire is gone now
And their power and strength didn't last
And perhaps the best lesson they taught us
Is that all things on earth come to pass.