Thursday, 27 July 2017


I quite like
The shadows of the night,
That teach me how to fear something
That was only made of light.

I see a little animal
Or at least I think I do,
And then I see it's nothing more
Than some socks left there by you.

I let myself be tricked again
By half closing my eyes,
And seeing what appears sometimes
To give me a surprise.

The shadows of the night
Are all lessons and all friends,
I let them give me messages
And see what darkness sends.

I watch them when I wake up
In the middle of the night,
But I like them and they're comforting
And they don't give me a fright.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


He says that he loves peanut butter
I know that he loves strawberry jam,
I think I will mix them together
'Cause that's just the person I am.

He says that he loves bits of apple
He says that he likes to see trees
I think I will build him a chapel
And then let him sit there on his knees

He says that he loves to hear ticking
And that ticking is often from clocks
So I think I will start just by knitting
A hole in this new pair of socks

He says that he loves it on Wednesday
He says Tuesdays are always the best,
I think I will say it is Twenesday
And never say it is the rest.

I love him, I love him forever
I love him right down to his knees,
I love him for always and never
And never again will I tease.

I want to seek pastures a plenty
I want to roll barrels of hay
I want it to be very clever
But still I don't know what to say.