Sunday, 20 May 2018

Lights out.

Like After Dark I am not quite
As lovely as I seem,
My words have all been taken from
The devil's darkest dream.

You think that you can own me,
And never scream and shout?
Then take a torch and try to read
Me when the lights are out.

Monday, 14 May 2018


Bedbugs, bedbugs
Biting in the night,
Bedbugs, bedbugs
Keeping out of sight.
They bit my mother on the leg
They bit my father’s knee
They bit my little sister
Now they’re coming after me!
Bedbugs, bedbugs
Biting in the night,
Bedbugs, bedbugs
Keeping out of sight.
They hide beneath the mattresses
They hide beneath the stairs
They hide inside the cupboard
And they hide beside the chairs
Bedbugs, bedbugs
What are we going to do?
Bedbugs, bedbugs
They’re biting me and you.
My sister got a dustpan
And my dad he got a broom,
They swept up all the bedbugs
And they chased them from the room.
Bedbugs, bedbugs
All over the place,
Bedbugs, bedbugs
All on my hands and face.
My mother’s getting stressy
Shouting “Where should be begin?”
So I sucked them up the hoover
And I threw them in the bin.


I am a lovely ladybird
I’m pretty as can be,
I fly up in the summer breeze
And land upon a tree.
I have small tiny dots
Upon my bright, red wing,
I fly up and I float around
Where the summer birds they sing.

I am a little ladybird
I’ll make your wish come true,
If you will help me fly away
Up in the skies of blue.
So put me on your finger
And hold me in the air,
Then tell me where you want to go
And I will take you there.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018


There's a great big moon that's shining
Through the dark and trees,
There's an angel and a butterfly
Who have bored me to my knees.
There's a sink that's full of dishes
And some wishes and a bin,
And a basin full of nothing
For me to keep my troubles in.
There's a carpet and a pleasure
And a near one and a miss,
And a bowl of warm spaghetti
And a fridge that used to hiss.
There's a rainbow and a message
And a mission and a book,
And a brand new set of telescopes
Through which we used to look.
There's a pink one and a blue one
And a silly waste of time,
And a nutshell and a Marmaduke
And the distant smell of lime.
There are seven yellow flowers
And sixteen purple bells,
And a brand new set of Hula-hoops
And disinfectant smells.
There are Wednesdays and new wheelie-bins
And some pockets and a noise,
And some tiny yellow sandals
That are fit for girls and boys.
There is nothing but a feeling
And a forgotten thing or two
In the memory of letters
That once I sent to you.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Edith Jump

Edith went to Birmingham
Edith went to France,
Edith met a polar bear
Who taught her how to dance.

She danced a little Tango
She danced the Boogaloo,
She danced the foxtrot
Then she came
Waltzing back to you.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

In the middle of Lidl

In the middle of Lidl you can buy a blue hat,
And a set of pink forks and a coat for a cat.
You can buy some green slippers or some bits for a drill,
You can buy some big bowls or some buckets to fill.
There are magnetic lights and boxes of logs
And bright purple collars for foxes or dogs.

In the middle of Lidl there are packets of screws,
There are scarves and pyjamas and working men's shoes.
There are jackets and maps and cutlery trays,
Umbrellas and wellies for rainy, wet days.
There are glue sticks and books and a pulse oximeter,
Six patch work quilts and an oil fire heater.

In the middle of Lidl there are t-shirts and toys,
There are headphones and speakers and drums for more noise.
There are helmets for skiing and all purpose mats,
There are soft, cuddly teddies stuffed rhinos and rats.
There are hot water bottles and bright fairy wings,
There are rows upon rows of peculiar things.

In the middle of Lidl there are fountains and floats
And pairs of pink leggings for fashionable goats.
There are green kites and anchors and traps for a fly,
And blue crochet Leprechauns six pencils high.
There are dice that can tell you what's right and what's wrong
And a pump-up pink mattress that's two metres long.

In the middle of Lidl you can get a new phone,
And lots of strange things that are perfect to own.
There are books filled with paper and pens for a poet,
And things you have needed when you didn't even know it.
So get out your money and then follow me,
To the middle of Lidl, where I'm sure you'll agree.
There is something for everyone, even for you,
In the middle of Lidl your dreams will come true.

Monday, 29 January 2018

A Little Bit Scary

You know it's a little bit scary
When it's dark and you wake up at night,
And you hear a strange sound like a monster
And a ghostly noise gives you a fright.

When it's dark and you're sleeping in bed
And a skeleton touches your skin,
Or you're lying and watching the shadows
And you think you hear zombies come in.

Yes, it's always a little bit scary
And it's easy to get a bad fright,
When the whole house is silently and sleeping
And you're lying awake in the night.