Sunday, 8 October 2017

Bouncy Hopper.

I've got a bouncy hopper
My sister's got one too,
Mine is bright bright pink
And my sister's is bright blue
She's also got a football
And she's got a pair of jeans
She's got a little action man
And a box of magazines.

We had a bouncy hopper race
Up the garden hill and back,
And all we ever wanted
Was a willow and a sack.
I won the race, I won the race
But my sister didn't mind,
She always wins at football
And at treating people kind.


When they're gone
they're gone for good,
But you can always love them.
All the leaves
Fall as they should,
With the bright blue skies above them.

Monday, 25 September 2017


Inside me there are rivers flowing
Trapped inside my veins,
And on a thousand miles of track
We watch the moving trains.
They move around so freely
And yet they cannot go,
Anywhere, where metal lines
In rivers do not flow.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Sad tomato

I am a sad tomato
I'm the last one on the plant,
I've just been left here hanging
Where all the others aren't.

I am a sad tomato
I'm lonely as can be,
There's no one left here on the vine
But poor old lonesome me.

I should be in a salad
Or on some bread with cheese,
Or in a bowl of pasta
Or in a tube to squeeze.

I should be feeling biting teeth
Or be in a bowl of soup,
I shouldn't be here all alone
With these leaves that hang and droop.

I am a sad tomato
But I'm sure I will taste good,
If you could come and chop me up
And eat me like you should.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


I quite like
The shadows of the night,
That teach me how to fear something
That was only made of light.

I see a little animal
Or at least I think I do,
And then I see it's nothing more
Than some socks left there by you.

I let myself be tricked again
By half closing my eyes,
And seeing what appears sometimes
To give me a surprise.

The shadows of the night
Are all lessons and all friends,
I let them give me messages
And see what darkness sends.

I watch them when I wake up
In the middle of the night,
But I like them and they're comforting
And they don't give me a fright.

Sunday, 2 July 2017


He says that he loves peanut butter
I know that he loves strawberry jam,
I think I will mix them together
'Cause that's just the person I am.

He says that he loves bits of apple
He says that he likes to see trees
I think I will build him a chapel
And then let him sit there on his knees

He says that he loves to hear ticking
And that ticking is often from clocks
So I think I will start just by knitting
A hole in this new pair of socks

He says that he loves it on Wednesday
He says Tuesdays are always the best,
I think I will say it is Twenesday
And never say it is the rest.

I love him, I love him forever
I love him right down to his knees,
I love him for always and never
And never again will I tease.

I want to seek pastures a plenty
I want to roll barrels of hay
I want it to be very clever
But still I don't know what to say.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


I don't want cheese
I don't want soup,
I don't want fish
From Guadeloupe.
I've said it now
My point is made,
I just want toast
With marmalade.

I don't want eggs
I don't want ham,
I don't want baked beans
Served by pam.
You know the thing
That I love most,
Is marmalade
On nice warm toast.

I love the way
It spreads so thick,
I love to eat it
Slow or quick.
I love the orange
Tasty taste,
I want marmalade

I love marmalade
I love it so much,
I love its sticky
Gluey touch.
I've loved it since
I was very small,
Give me marmalade
And I'll eat it all.