Tuesday, 12 June 2018

To France

I love to go to France
I go there in my car,
It cannot drive on water
So I take the Eurostar.
I drive out to the station
And I wait there in the queue,
And then a man comes over
And he tells me what to do.
And I drive onto the metal train
And I park where I am told
And then I drink the drink I got
Before it gets too cold.
Then I listen to some music
And suddenly we're there.
And I'm told to start the engine,
And to leave the train with care.
Then suddenly I'm out in France
But my airbags all explode,
Because I've forgotten they all drive
On the wrong side of the road.


I am a Russian doll
There are lots of bits of me,
But I can hide inside myself
As you, yourself, can see.
I'm very, very big
But I'm also very small,
I'm teeny, teeny, teeny
But I'm also very tall.
I am a Russian doll
I'm smiley and I'm kind
Open up my body
And see how many mees you find.

French Food is my favourite

French food is my favourite
I love to eat baguette,
And a great big plate of French fries
laid beside a big omelette.

Yes I really love French pizza
And French spaghetti too,
And of course I love French curry
Like Chicken Vindaloo.

And I love French Danish pastry
And I love French fish and chips
I love the salt and vinegar taste
When I lick if off my lips.

Yes I really love all French food
If it's spicy or it's plain
Like a great big bowl of noodles
Or a French Chicken Chow mein.

Yes I really love those popadoms
And the nan bread and the French toast,
Yes I really think that French food
Is the food I love the most.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

African Journey

I started in Mombasa
Then I drove to Nairobi,
Where I met a man who rode a horse
And said "Hello." to me.
I climbed upon the horse's back
And it took me to Sudan
Where I met a pair of fishermen
Who said they had a plan.
And they took me to an aeroplane
And we flew along the Nile
Until we saw, way down below,
A great big crocodile.
Which they said was friendly
As we landed on the ground,
But when I walked towards it
It made a snapping sound.
Then the crocodile it chased me
All the way to Kigali
Where I jumped upon a great big ship
Which took me out to sea.
And then after months of sailing
And beating on my drum
I finally got back to my home
And had tea with me mum.

Friday, 8 June 2018

The Lion

The lion's mane is fluffy and big
It looks a lot like he is wearing a wig,
He is strong and he's tough,
He so loud and so rough,
That it's weird to think that
He is only a cat.

The Tiger

The tiger's back
Is orange and black
And her teeth
Are as sharp as a knife.
If you see her come near
Then you'd best disappear
If you want to escape with your life.

The Monkey

The monkey swings
Up in the trees,
He hangs from his tail
And he hangs from his knees,

He sleeps in the branches
Right next to his mum,
And when he is dreaming
He scratches his bum.