Sunday, 15 May 2016

The sugar Beast & Mr Fat

The sugar beast and Mr Fat
We're only having fun
When the jumped into the icing
Of my little Chelsea Bun.
Then they hid inside a donut
And they waited on my lips,
For me to lick them off
And send them down onto my hips.

A book, a book

A book, a book
Was all it took
To come and save the day.
When everything
Was sad and dull,
When the world
Was looking grey.
I opened up a picture book
That was asking me to play,
A book, a book
Was all it took
To carry me away.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Label Lady

The label lady's got a lot
Of things she like to do,
She likes to label curtains
And to paint the pigeons blue.
She likes to put the knives and forks
In pretty little rows
She likes to sing to dandelions
She likes to paint her toes.

The label lady's got a little
House up in Argyll,
Where she keeps an iguana 
And a six the foot crocodile.
She loves to label passers by
She likes to label cheese,
She loves to stick her labels on
The wings of passing bees.

Yes the label lady's funny
And she's bright and lots of fun
Unless she starts to label you
With her sticky label gun...
She stuck labels in my hair
She stuck a blue one on my thumb
And when I turned to run away
She stuck one on my bum.

Friday, 6 May 2016


I was sitting in the garden
Thinking of a tweet,
When suddenly a little snail
Walked across my feet.
I asked "Where are you going?"
But the snail did not reply,
Instead it got a great big stick
And poked me in the eye.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Rude Finger

Rude finger, rude finger
Don't you ever dare,
Show it to your teachers
Or they'll cut off all your hair.
And if you show your mum and dad
Then they'll be angry too,
And they'll chop off your rude finger
And they'll flush it down the loo.