Monday, 29 February 2016

Alien Dream.

I dreamed that I was out in space
Floating round and round
With everywhere in darkness
And without a single sound.

Then suddenly I heard a voice
From right up next to me
I turned to look and there he was
A funny sight to see.

A little man with bright green skin,
Who, much to my surprise,
Was floating looking back at me
With happy, friendly eyes.

He was a funny creature
He had eyes the size of plates
And when he took his hat off
He had ears the size of gates.

He shook my hand and said goodbye
With a smile upon his face
And then he did a little flip
And flew off into space.


I met a little alien
When I was last in space,
He looked a little scary
But he had a funny face.
His nose was made of plastic
And his ears were made of glue
And when he opened up his mouth
His head looked like a shoe.
He had two arm and seven legs,
His skin was green and grey,
I tried to get a picture of him
But he flew away.

The journeys I have travelled on

The journeys I have travelled on
The places I have been
The people I have looked upon
The palaces I've seen.
They do not mean much to me now,
My travelling is through,
For I have found my paradise
At home sat next to you.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


I am a little star
Look at me shining bright
I shine out in the darkness
And I twinkle in the night


I like butter
Although it makes me fat
I like butter
What do you think of that?

I like butter
On bits of bread and toast
I like butter
It's the thing I love the most.

I like butter
The more the better too,
I love me butter.
How about you?

Monday, 22 February 2016


Did I see the full moon dancing
Way up in the sky
With a face of custard creams
And cherry blossom pie?

Did I see the stars were just
A billion flashing lights
Floating on a plate of dust
Way out in the night?

Did I see the earth was spinning
Are things as they seem
Or am I still asleep in bed
And is it all a dream?

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Grief

Little Mandy had a problem
She was such a thief
That they cut off both her hands
And sold her to The Grief

The Grief his hair is black as night
His eyes are white as death
And when he holds you in his arms
He steals away your breath

Oh little children everywhere
Beware of what you do
If you take what is not yours
The Grief will come for you

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Choose your thoughts
Most carefully,
Because they are
Who you will be.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Birdman.

The Birdman thinks he is a bird
The Kiteman is a kite
Together they go flying round
Beneath the stars at night.

And sometimes when they want some fun
They fly up to the moon
And frighten all the children there
By bursting a balloon.

Then when they come back down to earth
The Kiteman goes to bed
But the Birdman never really sleeps
So builds a nest instead.

Monday, 8 February 2016


I dream that I was out in space,
And everything was dark
And everything was silent
And there was not a single spark.

Then suddenly a little face
With eyes that seemed to glow.
Came floating right in front of me
And smiled and said "Hello."

And then he asked me for my name
So I said "Mr Peek"
And that's when he began to laugh
So much he could not speak.

Then when he'd calmed down just a bit
I said "Well what's the joke."
But as he started answering
I suddenly awoke.

The Little Dragon.

The tiny little dragon
Is feeling very sad,
Oh why, Oh why,
Oh why, Oh why,
Is he feeling so bad?

I wonder if he's lost his coat?
Or has he got a poorly throat?
Perhaps he's got an itchy nose?
Or itchy feet and itchy toes?
Has he lost his favourite shoes?
Has he heard some nasty news?
Is he scared of night and dark?
Has he heard a big dog bark?
Did he get into a fight?
Or lose his teddies in the night?

Oh what, Oh what, Oh what is wrong?
Has he heard a sad, sad song?
All this weeping's just too sad?
Can we somehow make him glad?

The dragon cries so much and sighs
And makes big tears come to my eyes
Why the moaning? Why the groaning?
Tiny dragon, tell me do,
What in the world is wrong with you?

Oh can't you see? Oh can't you see?
The little dragon said to me.
Oh can't you look? Oh can't you find?
Oh can't you see? Oh are you blind?

Last night as I lay in my bed
I got a terribly sneezy head.
And this is why I sit and wail
Because when I sneezed...
I burnt my tail!


If all you think about is you
Then you just don't have a clue
What the world is all about
And you may never work it out.

Day Off

I want to have a day off
With my mum and dad
I wish they were less serious
I wish they were more glad
I want them both to sit down
And do something with me
I want my mum and dad
To be a little bit more free

Why can't they just stop rushing round
And round the whole day long
When I sing "Row, row, row your boat"
Why won't they sing along?
I want to have a day off
And play a game or two
Or maybe do a puzzle
And then mess it up with you.

I wish mum you would put down
Her stupid mobile phone
Whenever you check FaceBook
You leave me all alone
And dad you're always saying
You've got so much to do
Why can't we have a day off
Just mum and me and you?

Come on mum and come on dad
I'm growing up so fast
And soon my little childhood
Will just be in the past
Please can we have a day off?
Where we can laugh and talk
Or maybe read a book or two
Or go out for a walk

It's all I really want
And it's all we really need
Just a tiny little day off
Would be wonderful indeed.

Friday, 5 February 2016


Eye dont car mutch four spelin
It dusnt bover me
if u no wot yor redin
ore undrstan u c
its juste ay stuupd
wast ov tyme
lyk punktuuachn toe
ey dont fink wee nead it
itz just ay lowd ov poo

I don't care much for spelling
It doesn't bother me,
If you know what you're reading
Or understand, you see?
It's just a stupid
Waste of time,
Like punctuation too.
I don't think we need it,
It's just a load of poo.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I used to have a car
With a remote control
I used to have an Action Man
With a plastic soul.

I used to have a game,
Where you had to trap a mouse,
I used to have some bits of wood,
With which I built a house

I used to have a load of toys
But very few were good
I think my parents bought them
Just because they thought they should.

I had a million plastic things
That never lasted long,
I had so many stupid toys
That broke or just went wrong.

I had boxes full of batteries
But all of them were flat
I had toys that needed energy,
But none of them had that.

I had a little motorbike,
I had a laughing clown,
But after half an hour
They had both just broken down.

I had two boxing robots
Standing in a ring
But if you played them on your own
They didn't mean a thing.

I got piles of toys for Christmas
I got toys for birthdays too
But all of them meant nothing
When they were compared to you.

You see I had a brother
A brother to help me out
Though sometimes we would argue,
And sometimes we would shout.

But he was more fun than any toys
So I didn't really care
If my things they got broken,
Then I knew that he would share.

Yes I've forgotten all my toys
Most ended in the bin,
And I don't really care about
Which dump they ended in.

But my brother he was always
There when we were bored
And we found something to make
Or we went out and explored

Yes he was there and he'll be there
Until the very end
Yes my great big big brother
Will always be my bestest friend.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Mummy said.

Daddy always farts in bed,
That's what my poor mummy said.
So now to sleep she always goes,
With a clothes peg on her nose.