Monday, 18 July 2016

What's Yours

I'm brushing my teeth
With your cocker spaniel
Picking my toes
With your delicate ways
You always think,
But nobody noticed,
Why we are waiting
And how many days.

When it's tomorrow
They'll answer quite freely
All of the questions 
That you send away.
But only tomorrow
And only by speaking
Only tomorrow 
And never today.

Speak to me now 
About all that I owe you
Speak to me now
With a wink and a sigh
All of us know it
But nobody answers
What is the riddle,
The answer is die?

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Sorrow

The Sorrow comes when you least expect it
Makes your feelings all its own.
See that box? You haven't ticked it.
Now you live life all alone.

You are not to know what's coming
Just a moment up ahead,
Waiting round the closest corner
All your wishes will be dead.

The Sorrow does not want for mercy.
The Sorrow waits on no man's whim.
Try to run and try to hide,
But sure enough you'll end with him.

Down and down and down he'll take you 
To the darkest depths of you.
When The Sorrow gives you shelter,
All is lost and black and blue.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Lest we forget

How did they trick you
Into starting their war?
Did they say you were different
Just like before?

Did they say that the others
Wanted somethings that's yours?
Did they muster your courage
With plastic applause?

Did they say you'd be fighting
For all that you know?
Did they say only your way
Was the right way to go?

Tell me how did they trick you
And did you see that they lied,
When the only real truth
Was that everyone died?

Friday, 8 July 2016


There was an angel once
Who kept walking into things
He couldn’t really help it
It was just his great big wings
They were so big he BUMPED them
Into every door
And then he always fell and BUMPED
His bum down on the floor.

And if he tried to go outside
He just BUMPED into the trees
And then he’d always fall over
And BUMP down on his knees
And so he went out on the pier
Where there was lots of space
But still he tripped up on his wings

And BUMPED down on his face.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Olympics

The olympics used to be a race
But now it's a commercial disgrace.

I don't know, I think it's fun
I wish I had a starter gun

I could have been a great athlete
If I didn't have such smelly feet.

I could have been a professional sporting star
But I don't like running far.

I am healthy and I'm strong
The olympics are where I belong.

Olympic Rings

See these five rings all held up high?
They represent a fight
Between our thirst for victory
And our struggle to unite.

We share in sports, we win the race,
We praise good sportsmanship,
But in the real world we all fall from grace
And into wars we stumble and we trip

Let's hope that this ideal is not a dream
And that a new age has at last begun,
When we can stand together as a team
And all the world at long last can be one.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Shadows.

The shadows in my room came closer to my bed
The shadows in my room heard every word I said
They want to eat me up I know,
They want to grind me down,
The shadows in my room look like
A monster with a crown.

The shadows in my room are places in the dark
They are not little creatures or squirrels from the park
They are not scary monsters,
They are not badger's teeth,
The shadows in my room are not a sneaky, murdering thief.

The shadows in my room are coming closer I can see
They're getting closer all the time they're trying to swallow me
The shadows won't let me survive,
They're laughing at me too,
And when they've eaten me alive
They're coming after you.


I had a little piece of string
I tied it to my toes
But then it started growing
Until it reached my nose.

All at once I realised
It wasn't string at all
But actually a great big snake
That measured six feet tall

I gave the snake a place to sleep
A pillow and a bed,
I gave him mice to gobble up
And chose to call him Fred.

The Lion's teeth.

The lion's teeth are not just sharp
They're also very strong,
And if he puts you in his mouth,
Then that's where you belong.

So when he munches up your legs
Then starts to eat your head,
Don't just lie there screaming,
Say "Thank you sir," instead.

Out the light

May Goblin boots tramp on your head
Or pixies scratch your eyes instead,
And as you're turning out the light
May fear cause you a sleepless night.

May all your nightmares come again
Creeping through your sleeping brain,
And the things you fear the most of all
Come walking through your bedroom wall.

In comes darkness, in comes night,
Orcs and daemons start to fight,
All is wrong and nothing's right,
As trembling hands turn out the light.

Monday, 4 July 2016

King Haiku

King, Haiku, Nature
The element of surprise,
Summer, falling leaves.

The King and Queen.

The King and Queen they had a fight
When the King he said
That he couldn't sleep at night
Because the Queen she snored in bed.

"Well that's not very polite of you."
She said back to the King
"At least I don't make croaking noises
When I try to sing."

Well the King got so upset by this
That it almost made him cry,
And so he ran up to the Queen
And tried to punch her in the eye.

But the Queen she saw it coming
And she quickly moved her head
And the poor old king he gave a shout
When he punched the wall instead

Then the Queen she bought some earplugs
And she gave them to the king,
But sometimes she still borrows them
If he ever starts to sing.