Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Thirty-three thoughtful thinkers

Thirty-three thoughtful thinkers
Thought a thousand thoughtful things,
Thought of thunder, thought of thank you
Thought of thirty-thousand rings...

Forty-three thinking fighters,
Fought a thousand thoughtful fights,
Thought of fighting fifty thinkers
Feeding fifteen thousand knights.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Teachers, teachers.

Teachers, teachers
Listen up,
I know it's hard but
Don't give up.

The children sat in front of you
They need your helping hands,
They need someone to care for them
Someone who understands.
They need a guide to help them
Through this confusing place,
A professional explainer
They need a smiling face.
They need someone to show them good
And to show them what is bad
Someone to let them learn themselves
Someone to talk to when they're sad.

Teaching's not like a normal job
It's a blessing in disguise,
It's really, really, really hard
But you get a magic prize.
You get a thing that isn't got
By people everyday,
A space in someone's memories
Where you will always stay.

When the children grow and then grow old
They'll realise how much you've done,
That you taught them all about the world
And made their childhood fun.
They might not write and thank you
They might not get in touch
But in their hearts they wish you well
And say: "Thank you very much."

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Daddy fart machine

Daddy's got a fart machine,
He turns it on at night,
It makes all sorts of noises,
And gives us a stinky fright,

The fart machine is smelly
The fart machine is rude,
Daddy says the fart machine
It runs on eaten food.

Daddy he loves the fart machine,
He loves the noise it makes,
He says it's best when he has eaten
Lots of creamy cakes.

Mum says that she hates though
Especially in their bed,
And if dad doesn't turn it off
He's sleeping in the shed!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Shark and the crocodile

The shark and the crocodile
Were swimming out at sea,
The croc said "Though you've got more teeth
You're not as good as me."

The shark began to chase him
But it couldn't understand,
When the croc it left the water
And ran away on land.

Friday, 14 April 2017

I want to be... a rockstar.

I want to be a rockstar
And have a billion fans,
But my mums say that's crazy dreams
And she never understands
She thinks I should be normal
And act responsibly,
But someone has to be a star
So why can't it be me?

Now when I'm sitting in my room
Practicing guitar,
Mum says "Is all your homework done,
Mr Superstar."
Or when I practicing a song,
And I haven't got it right,
She comes and asks sarcastically
"Is your voice alright?"

Of course I just ignore her
I know she's worried about me,
But I can make it, I know I can
And one day then she'll see...
That I'll be on a great big stage
The last act in the show,
And all the crowd will sing along
And everyone will know...

That I'm a rock and roll superstar
And I followed my dreams
And nothing is impossible
No matter how hard it seems.
Ten thousand million tomorrows
Can't bring back yesterday,
So chase your dreams and never ever
Let them slip away.

The Alien and Mr Peek

Last night I met an alien
While I was in my bed
I don't know if it was for real
Or something in my head.

The alien was only small
His skin was bright and green
His eyes they were the strangest colour
I had ever seen.

He said to me "What is your name?"
I answered "Mr Peek."
And suddenly he laughed so much,
That he could hardly speak

He fell down on the floor
He doubled up in two
He laughed and laughed and laughed
Until his face was almost blue.

Then suddenly he stopped
And I asked "Well? What is the joke?"
But he just smiled and looked at me
And then these words he spoke...

"Well I don't mean to be rude," he said
"And it's not fair on you...
But in my language Mr Peek
Means Stinky smelly Poo..."

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Super-power Fish

I see a small fish that can breath out fire,
And one over there that can bounce like a tyre.
There's a fish with the power to fly for a mile,
And a green one with stripes, that can make people smile.
There's an x-ray fish, and there's one that can walk,
There's one that's invisible and there's one that can talk.

All of these fish they have their own powers,
There are so very many, I could go on for hours...
But a much better thing that I think we could do,
Is that I stop my talking and leave it to you.
So open your head, and then open your mind

And see how many Super-power Fish you can find.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Universe within

If your feeling lonely
And if your feeling bored
Don't let those things get you down
Use your mind as a sword
Slip deep inside and look around
And see what you can make
A tiny minute or a year or two
Is all that it will take.

Just let creation wander
Build palaces and stars,
Build everything that you can think
Build buildings up on mars.
Build bridges in between your ears
And run on them and play,
Build multicoloured bits of cheese
And give them things to say.
Build rocket ships and fly them
Build Zoos and get a pet,
Build wonderful inventions
That no one's thought of yet.
Take a walk around you head
And go deep inside your mind,
Really, really look around
And see what you can find.
Run up to the mountain top
And watch the world below
And understand that these are places
Only you can go.

When you're feeling horrible
And the world's not being good
Don't drown in desperation
Be strong and proud and good
It's not your fault that things are hard
It's not your fault they're mean,
Just close your eyes a while and see
Things no one else has seen
Close your eyes and look inside,
And see what lies within,
Have a race with everyone
And know that you will win.
The world inside is infinite
There's nothing you can't make,
From frozen pearl princesses
To monsters in a lake.

So don't let troubles beat you
And don't let boredom win,
Just build and build and build up strong
The universe within.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Nothing wrong.

There's nothing wrong, there's nothing wrong
The world is all alright,
We wake up in the morning
And we go to bed at night.

The sun will rise tomorrow
And float across the sky,
The world will keep on spinning
And the hours pass us by

The sun will set at night time
And the moon will change its shape
When we're tired we will go to sleep
And in dreams we will escape.


Her favourite shape's a crescent
His favourite shape's a square,
Some like every single shape
And they don't really care.

My brother he loves hexagons
My dad he loves them too,
My mum she loves trapeziums
Or an arrow that's bright blue.

My uncles says a rectangle
Which is red's a precious thing
Auntie says it's not as precious
As a golden circle ring.

There are lots of different triangles
 That filled my books in school.
A pentagon's a lovely shape
An octagon is cool

A rhombus is a funny one,
Parallelograms are sweet
A diamond makes me think of kites
An oval's round and neat

I see shapes in everything
In windows, books and leaves
I see shapes in apricots
And motorcars and trees.

It doesn't matter anyway
Which shape you think is best
There isn't any single shape
That's better than the rest.

They're all just as important
And they're wonderful as they are
And every single shape we have
Is a shape shift superstar!

Saturday, 8 April 2017


Make the alphabet your toy
Play with it day and night,
Mix it up and spin it round
Until it comes out right.

Words are just a little tool
With which to have some fun,
They make a brand new universe
When lined up one by one.

So get all of your letters out
And open up your mind,
Make them into lots of words
And see what you can find.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Bright Blue Sky

When I am watching stars at night
And when I fly my sister's kite
I think about how small I am...
And I feel little like a lamb

But when I watch the birds that fly
And when I see the bright blue sky
Well then I think I'm made of iron
And I feel stronger than a lion.

Thursday, 6 April 2017


In nine hundred and fifty years
Will man still have two eyes, two ears?
Will he still start a child and when
He grows old be a child again?

In nine hundred and fifty years
Will fate still flood men's eyes with tears?
And when he's walking in the street
Will man still move upon his feet?
Or will he have some wheels instead,
Or great big wings upon his head?

Nine hundred and fifty years from now
Will man have udders like a cow?
Will he have grown to twice as big,
Or shrunk to the size of a mini pig?

And will he still be taught in schools
And have to obey stupid rules?
And will he still think jokes are funny,
And swap his time to work for money.

In twenty-nine-thousand-and-sixty-six
Will buildings still be made of bricks?
Or will we live in plastic homes
Or giant caves or shiny domes?

In nine hundred and fifty years
Will man still fight with guns and spears?
Or will he live in peace at last
And war and hunger and be long gone past?

Nine hundred and fifty years from now
Will they read these words somehow
And in a classroom will they speak
About the poet Mr Peek
And how he came to Silverdale
To read these words and tell his tale
And will they think it strange to know
These words were written
So, so long ago?

Wings of Freedom

I will aim for the top of the mountain
Keep climbing and I will not stop,
When I look down in the valley
I will have no fear of the drop.

For I'm borne on the wings of the angels
And my chains have collapsed to the ground,
I go onwards and upwards forever
With this faith and this freedom I've found.


I am a happy bunny
I'm laughing all the while,
I think everything is funny
And I always wear a smile

Some people think I'm stupid
But they're grumpy and they're sad
If they thought like I do
Then they'd also be glad

The happiness we feel
It all comes from within,
And if you have a happy mind
Then sorrow cannot win.