Monday, 25 April 2016

I really love my body

I really love my body
I love to laugh and run
I really love my body
I think it's so much fun

I really love my body
I love to rush about
I love to stamp upon the floor,
I love to scream and shout.

I really love my body,
I love to jump and leap
But sometimes all I want to do
Is go to bed and sleep.

Friday, 22 April 2016


We were born to fly
But they messed up our wings
And made us wear anchors
And all sorts of things
That hold us down
And hold us back
And make us start thinking
There's something that we lack.

But it's not true
We are perfectly built,
And nothing can stop us
But worries and guilt
So open your mind
And look up and say
I was born to fly
And then fly away.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


At Kingsnorth school
We know with faith
How much we can achieve,
And know that we will never fail
As long as we believe.
For one hundred and fifty years
We've worked hard and succeeded
This school has been a home at times
And a family when needed.

In and out of doors and rooms
For years children have passed
Who started when they were so young
But all grew up so fast.
And each child is a little light
That keeps on shining still
With laughter, love and memories
This happy school to fill.

So all these floors and walls have seen
A thousand smiling faces
And the light of love serene
That lights the darkest places.
For one hundred and fifty years
We've learnt how to achieve
At Kingsnorth all is possible
If you work hard and believe.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Thank you

Thank you very, very much
For everything you've done
Without you making Bits & Bobs
Would not have been such fun.

Friday, 15 April 2016


There's an elephant on my shoulder
A caterpillar in my eye
And a monkey with a tambourine
Who always likes to sigh
There's an angel on my shoulder
There's a burden and a myth
And a man without a periscope
Who says his name is Smith
There's a dragon on an earlobe
There's a tattooed tangerine
That used to play the mandolin
Whenever it was seen.
There's a weapon in a headlock
And a mask of Kubla Khan
That's speaking to a lady
Whose head's stuck in a barn
There's a whistle and a message
There's a zebra spotting bear
And a monkey with a mirror
Who says he isn't there.
There's a space between the letters
There's a line around the edge
There's a bird who plays the fiddle
Who is nesting in a hedge.
There's a printer and a paper
And a journalist or two
There's a pot of peanut butter
And a jug of vindaloo.
There are no more things to listen
There is nothing left to leave
There is no more division
Between real and make believe
There is nothing we can witness
There is nothing left to tell
There's nothing in a shadow
No sound inside a bell.
So let them all come running
There is nothing in the cup
Except a little cunning
And refusal to give up.


Little boys that tell big lies
Have their mouths filled with flies
Their noses are then stuffed with worms
And both their eyes blocked up with germs.

Little girls that strut and boast
Have their hands tied to a post
And then they're locked up in a cave
Until they learn how to behave.

All little boys and little girls
Should good manners acquire
Or else, after their punishments,
They'll be thrown on the fire.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Into the woods

Are you lost in the woods tonight?
Then watch your toes, the badgers bite.
The fox is hungry, weasel too,
And they're all here to hunt for you.

The Big Bad Squirrel escaped today
And in these woods has come to stay.
She'll eat your eyeballs for a treat
Then cut off both your hands and feet.
She'll break your legs and peel your skin
And teach you where all fears begin.
It's very sad, but very true...
She's yearns to play with things like you.

So please don't think it's just a game,
She likes to hurt and loves to maim.
The dark woods are no place to roam
So hurry off and hurry home.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


I love to share, it's much more fun
Than having things alone.
Things are only half as good,
When you have them on your own.

I love to eat a yummy cake
And share a piece with you,
My cakes they always taste the best
When you can taste them too.

I love to share, it makes my life
So much better than before,
I'd love to give you all I have
And then give you some more.

Monday, 11 April 2016



Friday, 1 April 2016

Poem in my pocket.

I've always got a poem in my pocket
And a comb for when I need to brush my hair
And a little piece of paper in a locket
With a picture of someone who isn't there

I've always got a pocket for a whistle
And a pocket for a tissue and a key
And a bottle and a bubble and a thistle
And a pocket for a little memory

I've always got a pocket for tomorrow
And a pocket for the waves upon the sea
And a pocket for the things I want to borrow
And a pocket for the things I want to be

Got a pocket for the weather when it's sunny
Got a foggy pocket for the wind and rain
Got a pocket for something that's really funny
That I will give you when we meet again.

Yes, I've always got a poem in my pocket
And a pocket for a rainbow and a kiss
And a tiny little laugh inside a rocket
That I will send to everyone I miss.