Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Cousin Andy

My cousin Andy’s got a six-foot nose
And sixteen purple Pigeons
That whistle on his toes
And when he goes to bed at night
Twelve monkeys guard his bed
And seven yellow spiders
Spin dreams around his head

My cousin Andy’s got a Chinese saw
And a ticket from Mongolia
And a book on Aztec law
And when he swims out in the sea
He grows an orange tail
And makes a meal of sausages
In the belly of a whale

My cousin Andy’s got a bed that flies
And a car that’s made of marmalade
And forty-seven eyes
And when he wrestles dinosaurs
Then I know he always wins
Because I read it in a letter
That he once sent to the twins

My cousin Andy’s got a sweet shop too
And a gang of talking pictures
And a pot of magic glue
And when he sits up on the roof
He can name you all the stars
And he says he’s been to Pluto
And I know he’s been to Mars

Yes, my cousin Andy’s the best one in the world
He’s even got a little box
In which a snake is curled
And daddy says that one fine day
When he’s saved up all his money
Then we’re going to visit Andy
In the land of milk and honey

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