Monday, 9 May 2016

Label Lady

The label lady's got
A lot of things she like to do
She likes to label curtains
And to paint the pigeons blue
She likes to put the knives and forks
In pretty little rows
She likes to sing to dandelions
While dancing on her toes.

The label lady's got
A little house upon a smile
Where she keeps an iguana 
And a the foot crocodile.
She loves to label passers by,
She likes to label cheese
She loves to stick her labels on
The caterpillar's knees.

The label lady's got
A friend called William-of-need
Who says that too much labelling
Is just a sign of greed.
But at night they dance together 
And pour butter on their heads
While they label lines of sausages
On multicoloured beds.

Yes the label lady's funny
And she's bright and lots of fun
Unless she starts to label you
With labels from her gun.
She stuck a label in my hair
She stuck one on my thumb
And when I turned to run away
She stuck one on my bum.

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