Saturday, 17 June 2017


I don't want cheese
I don't want soup,
I don't want fish
From Guadeloupe.
I've said it now
My point is made,
I just want toast
With marmalade.

I don't want eggs
I don't want ham,
I don't want baked beans
Served by pam.
You know the thing
That I love most,
Is marmalade
On nice warm toast.

I love the way
It spreads so thick,
I love to eat it
Slow or quick.
I love the orange
Tasty taste,
I want marmalade

I love marmalade
I love it so much,
I love its sticky
Gluey touch.
I've loved it since
I was very small,
Give me marmalade
And I'll eat it all.

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