Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Ants! The Ants!

The Ants! The Ants!
They're marching all
Along the forest floor
They've got to carry bits of figs
And leaves, and fruits and more
They carry them into the nest
And pack them in the store
Where they feed the little fungus
That's the food that they adore.

The Ants! The Ants!
There's billions of them
Walking in the trees
And round the other animals
And tickling their knees
They jumped upon the orangutang
And on the chimpanzees
And when they met the jaguar
They made him want to sneeze

The Ants! The Ants!
They're marching so
You'd better get out of the way
They're cleaning up the forest
And they don't have time to play.
They're hurrying and scurrying
They're working night and day
And if they think you're tasty
Then they'll carry you away.

The Ants! The Ants!
They're happy and they're
Blowing up balloons,
They're eating bowls of custard
Using Multi-coloured spoons.
They're jumping and they're pumping
And they're hiding in the dunes,
They're dancing and they're prancing
And they're singing silly tunes..

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