Monday, 20 April 2015

Angry Auntie Antonella

Angry Auntie Antonella
Ate the top of an umbrella
Ate a sundial and a heater
And a rusty watermeter

Angry Auntie Antonella,
Ate six eggs with salmonella,
Ate her bedroom and her house,
And even ate a little mouse.

Angry Auntie Antonella
Buttered sunshine with Nutella
Ate a wind-chime and some rain
And a great big weather vane

Angry Auntie Antonella
Ate a hurricane called Stella
Ate the moon and stars for fun
And all the planets one by one

Angry Auntie Antonella
Big and tall and interstellar,
Ate the sun like it was cake
But then she made a HUGE mistake...

In the dark,
With no food on her shelf,
Angry Auntie ate HERSELF!

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