Monday, 8 February 2016

Day Off

I want to have a day off
With my mum and dad
I wish they were less serious
I wish they were more glad
I want them both to sit down
And do something with me
I want my mum and dad
To be a little bit more free

Why can't they just stop rushing round
And round the whole day long
When I sing "Row, row, row your boat"
Why won't they sing along?
I want to have a day off
And play a game or two
Or maybe do a puzzle
And then mess it up with you.

I wish mum you would put down
Her stupid mobile phone
Whenever you check FaceBook
You leave me all alone
And dad you're always saying
You've got so much to do
Why can't we have a day off
Just mum and me and you?

Come on mum and come on dad
I'm growing up so fast
And soon my little childhood
Will just be in the past
Please can we have a day off?
Where we can laugh and talk
Or maybe read a book or two
Or go out for a walk

It's all I really want
And it's all we really need
Just a tiny little day off
Would be wonderful indeed.

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