Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I used to have a car
With a remote control
I used to have an Action Man
With a plastic soul.

I used to have a game,
Where you had to trap a mouse,
I used to have some bits of wood,
With which I built a house

I used to have a load of toys
But very few were good
I think my parents bought them
Just because they thought they should.

I had a million plastic things
That never lasted long,
I had so many stupid toys
That broke or just went wrong.

I had boxes full of batteries
But all of them were flat
I had toys that needed energy,
But none of them had that.

I had a little motorbike,
I had a laughing clown,
But after half an hour
They had both just broken down.

I had two boxing robots
Standing in a ring
But if you played them on your own
They didn't mean a thing.

I got piles of toys for Christmas
I got toys for birthdays too
But all of them meant nothing
When they were compared to you.

You see I had a brother
A brother to help me out
Though sometimes we would argue,
And sometimes we would shout.

But he was more fun than any toys
So I didn't really care
If my things they got broken,
Then I knew that he would share.

Yes I've forgotten all my toys
Most ended in the bin,
And I don't really care about
Which dump they ended in.

But my brother he was always
There when we were bored
And we found something to make
Or we went out and explored

Yes he was there and he'll be there
Until the very end
Yes my great big big brother
Will always be my bestest friend.

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