Friday, 31 March 2017

My little Goat

My little goat he loves to bleat
He's very cute he's got four feet
He never moans, he never cries
He's got such strange and pretty eyes. 
He's got big horns above his nose,
And great big hooves instead of toes.
But strange to say there's something wrong
He eats and eats the whole day long.

He eats all sorts of funny things,
Bits of paper, curtain rings
Piles of grass and leaves from trees
Books and blankets, bags of peas
Stolen watches, teddy bears
Football shirts and mouldy pears
Bits of mud and muddy socks
A duvet and a cardboard box
A letter that was never sent
A brand new sleeping bag and tent.

A thousand fish and fifteen bones
And 16 bags of mobile phones
A boomerang, a bag of cheese,
A dinosaur with dirty knees
A leopard and a big giraffe
A fox that used to make me laugh
Some sawdust from a Chinese mill
A bag of rust, a little pill
A hairbrush that was made in France
Two monkey toys that used to dance.

Twelve Turnips and a pot of glue
Six puzzles made in Timbuktu
A lizard rolling purples dice
Some TV screens, a bag of rice
A small toy dog, a yellow frog,
A lamppost that looked like a log
Some pots of chocolate from Hong Kong
A tutu and a plastic gong
A keyboard from a music shop
He eats and eats and just won't stop!

He'll eat us all! He's got to go!
And so, I'm very sad to say it though...
We're using our shed as a jail
And now we've got a goat for sale.

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