Wednesday, 15 March 2017


From rats to nits we've got it all
This house is like a zoo,
There's beetles in the woodwork
And there's lizards in the loo.
There's a rhino in the garden
There's a lemur in the shed
And a tiny armadillo
Who is stuck beneath the bed.
There's a thousand cheeky chipmunks
Who refuse to go away,
And standing in the front room
There a camel eating hay

There are...
Twenty Elephants, Nineteen pigs
And Eighteen badgers wearing wigs
Seventeen cats, sixteen mice
Fifteen wolves, fourteen lice,
Thirteen hamsters stuck in wheels
Twelve baboons, eleven seals,
Ten tapir with great big noses,
Nine night owls all eating roses
Eight eels up inside the bath
With seven cows and a little calf
There's six small sloths and five big dogs
And four cute bright green bouncing frogs
There's three giraffes and two racoons
And a walrus that keeps eating spoons...

Oh... this is such a strange, strange house
I don't know what to do,
I think I might just quit my job
And open up a zoo.

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