Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Spring Flowers.

Little flower bulbs
Down in the dark,
Lying so silently
Suddenly spark.
The weather is warmer
They're longing to grow,
After months in the ground
Beneath rain, frost and snow.
They start to expand
They stretch out their roots,
They gradually grow
They push up small shoots.

And up in the fields
In the woods and the park
We see their green tips
Appear out of the dark.
The Crocus, the Daffodil,
The Tulips all rise,
With the Hyacinth and Iris
They stretch to the skies.

And we people above,
In the lovely spring air,
We stand in amazement
And in wonder we stare
At the beauty around us
As nature's unfurled,
And we think to ourselves
What a wonderful world.

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