Monday, 8 May 2017


I'm going to be late
I'm going to be late,
But the whole wide world
Will just have to wait.
I've got something very
Important to do
I'm writing a poem
And it's just for you.

I'm going to be late
But I really don't care
The journey's sometimes more fun
Than arriving somewhere,
We're all in a hurry
But I'm going to be slow,
There's no point in rushing
When there's nowhere to go.

I'm going to be late
I'll be later than you
But you can just tell me
The things that they do
Tell me what happens
Tell me all that was said
And just tell them I writing
A poem in my head

Yes I'm going to be late
Yes I'm going to be late
But it doesn't matter
The whole world can wait,
Tell them I'm busy
I've a poem to do
And then when I'm finished
I'll send it to you.

It might be a poem
About bits of cake,
Or it might be a poem
About a big lake,
It might not be funny,
It might be quite sad
But when it's all finished
At least I'll be glad.

I can't really tell you
What it's really about
I'm still sort of waiting
For it to come out
But one thing's for certain
Which is that I'll be late
But I'm writing a poem
So the whole world can wait.

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