Monday, 8 May 2017

New Zealand

Sun-screen, hat and Jandles
Taupo, Waiheke
Chilly bin, ten-pin bowling
Touch beside the sea
Sailing out across the blue
On Bay-of-Islands day
All you Kiwi backpackers
Won’t you all come back someday?

Hokey-pokey, Glad wrap, Anchor,
Manuka Honey,
Paua, Mussels, Oysters,
Snapper, Tarakihi
Driving past the Southern Alps
To watch Dunedin play
All you lucky Kiwi backpackers,
You know you'll all come back someday

All Blacks, Black caps, Tall Blacks
Sailing Silver Fern
All you wanton nations
Listen up and learn
There’s Kiwis all around the world
Cause Kiwis love to roam
But I bet you every one of them
Still calls these islands home!

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