Monday, 1 May 2017


Up on Stoke they have a joke
That all good children learn to smoke,
But down in Poole they have a rule
That all good children go to school.
In Manchester they teach the children
How to play guitar,
In Liverpool they know that if
You write songs you'll go far.
In Inverness they all confess
A strange desire for learning chess,
But down in Bath they always laugh
If you walk round with a football scarf.
In Chelsea all the children learn
To live out on the street,
In Aberdeen they always learn
To eat a lot of meat
If you're late in Harrogate
The teacher's start to wail,
But if you're early down in Burley
They lock you up in jail.
I've been to school in Winchester,
I've been to school in York
And the great things that it taught me
Was to write a bit and talk
I've been to school in Swansea
And I've been to Truro high,
And what I learnt from those two schools
Was to day dream to fly.
I've been to school in Durham
And in Hull and Chester too,
And everything I've ever learnt
I'd love to give to you.
The things we learn they stay with us
And the things that we forget,
Are still inside us somewhere
But we haven't learnt them yet.
I wish you all the best you know
In whichever place you are,
Just remember school's a little trip
But a life of learning's far.
And if you really want something
Then keep it in your mind,
And if you work and don't give up
I'm sure that thing you'll find.

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