Sunday, 22 November 2015

Build it up!

Build it up, build it up
Build out of lego or of bricks,
Build it up, build it up,
Build out of hay or out of sticks.
Build it up, build it up,
But if you don't want a shock.
You better do your building,
On a base of solid rock.

Build a friendship, build a building,
Build a poem or a song,
If you don't build it properly
It will not last that long,
So take your time and build it
As strong as strong can be,
Build it quick or build it slow,
But just build it properly.

Build a school or build a family,
Build a picture or a home
Build it out of concrete
Blocks of ice or styrofoam.
Make it strong with friendly laughter,
With cement or sticky goo,
Whatever you are building with,
Build the best that you can do.

And if you do the best you can
I'm sure that you will see,
The thing that you have built it is
The best that it can be.
The best that it can be.
The best that it can be,
If you tried hard and do your best,
Then that's what you will see

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