Thursday, 26 November 2015

Wrap up warm.

Wrap up warm it's time to go
We're off to walk the freezing snow
We're going down to find our goal,
The icy frosty cold south pole.
We all know just what we will do,
We are the men, the Shackleton crew,
We'll sail and sail, and walk and walk,
We'll set up camp too cold to talk.

And when our ship is stuck in ice,
Ten months of cold is not that nice,
But we will leave the ship behind
And in the white see what we'll find,
The freezing sun, the howling snow,
The cutting ice the winds they blow,
We cross the ice, we come to land,
We walk some more but help's at hand.

Our leader leads we do as told
Strong and fearless, tough and bold,
Looking forwards, never back,
Until one day a heart attack,
Struck him low, but peace he found
As he was laid beneath the ground,
We know nothing could his spirit kill,
In heaven he's exploring still

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