Sunday, 8 November 2015

King Harold went to Tesco's

King Harold went to Tesco's
To buy himself a treat
And he bought a bag of sausages
And a pair of brand new feet.
And he bought himself some glasses
Just to protect his eyes,
Because he'd had a dream about,
Things falling from the skies.

William was in the shop as well,
And they both just said "Hello."
But William said "I want your crown."
Harold said "You'd better go...
I've got protective eye-ware,
And I've got an army too,
So if you're thinking of attacking me
I've some advice for you...

You're better off home on the sofa
Just get your playstation out,
And we'll do battle properly
And I'll show you what I'm all about."
"But I don't have a playstation,"
Said William in dismay
"I've got an X-box but you know
I'll beat you anyway."

So they both just played FIFA
All day long and nobody got hurt
But William was the best by far
(He wore Ronaldo's shirt.)
So they did battle, yes it's true
But heres a funny thing
Harold was a bit rubbish,
So William became King.

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