Sunday, 8 November 2015

In 1066

King Harold and the Norman William,
They met on Senlac hill
And the two of them did battle
The other to try and kill.

And it wasn't just on a playstation
And it was a football game
It was real life and real people died
Which I think was a shame.

Well they fought and fought the whole day long
With sword with arrow and lance
Until Harold looked down from on his hill
And saw William advance.

Then finally towards evening
Beneath the darkening sky,
Apparently old Harold got,
An arrow stuck in his eye.

So then it was sort of over
With no leader his army fled
Because if they didn't run away,
They'd probably be dead.

So William became the conqueror
And built a castle with stone and bricks
And that was the Battle of Hastings,
In the year 1066.

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