Sunday, 23 April 2017

Teachers, teachers.

Teachers, teachers
Listen up,
I know it's hard but
Don't give up.

The children sat in front of you
They need your helping hands,
They need someone to care for them
Someone who understands.
They need a guide to help them
Through this confusing place,
A professional explainer
They need a smiling face.
They need someone to show them good
And to show them what is bad
Someone to let them learn themselves
Someone to talk to when they're sad.

Teaching's not like a normal job
It's a blessing in disguise,
It's really, really, really hard
But you get a magic prize.
You get a thing that isn't got
By people everyday,
A space in someone's memories
Where you will always stay.

When the children grow and then grow old
They'll realise how much you've done,
That you taught them all about the world
And made their childhood fun.
They might not write and thank you
They might not get in touch
But in their hearts they wish you well
And say: "Thank you very much."

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