Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Universe within

If your feeling lonely
And if your feeling bored
Don't let those things get you down
Use your mind as a sword
Slip deep inside and look around
And see what you can make
A tiny minute or a year or two
Is all that it will take.

Just let creation wander
Build palaces and stars,
Build everything that you can think
Build buildings up on mars.
Build bridges in between your ears
And run on them and play,
Build multicoloured bits of cheese
And give them things to say.
Build rocket ships and fly them
Build Zoos and get a pet,
Build wonderful inventions
That no one's thought of yet.
Take a walk around you head
And go deep inside your mind,
Really, really look around
And see what you can find.
Run up to the mountain top
And watch the world below
And understand that these are places
Only you can go.

When you're feeling horrible
And the world's not being good
Don't drown in desperation
Be strong and proud and good
It's not your fault that things are hard
It's not your fault they're mean,
Just close your eyes a while and see
Things no one else has seen
Close your eyes and look inside,
And see what lies within,
Have a race with everyone
And know that you will win.
The world inside is infinite
There's nothing you can't make,
From frozen pearl princesses
To monsters in a lake.

So don't let troubles beat you
And don't let boredom win,
Just build and build and build up strong
The universe within.

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