Friday, 14 April 2017

I want to be... a rockstar.

I want to be a rockstar
And have a billion fans,
But my mums say that's crazy dreams
And she never understands
She thinks I should be normal
And act responsibly,
But someone has to be a star
So why can't it be me?

Now when I'm sitting in my room
Practicing guitar,
Mum says "Is all your homework done,
Mr Superstar."
Or when I practicing a song,
And I haven't got it right,
She comes and asks sarcastically
"Is your voice alright?"

Of course I just ignore her
I know she's worried about me,
But I can make it, I know I can
And one day then she'll see...
That I'll be on a great big stage
The last act in the show,
And all the crowd will sing along
And everyone will know...

That I'm a rock and roll superstar
And I followed my dreams
And nothing is impossible
No matter how hard it seems.
Ten thousand million tomorrows
Can't bring back yesterday,
So chase your dreams and never ever
Let them slip away.

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