Monday, 10 April 2017


Her favourite shape's a crescent
His favourite shape's a square,
Some like every single shape
And they don't really care.

My brother he loves hexagons
My dad he loves them too,
My mum she loves trapeziums
Or an arrow that's bright blue.

My uncles says a rectangle
Which is red's a precious thing
Auntie says it's not as precious
As a golden circle ring.

There are lots of different triangles
 That filled my books in school.
A pentagon's a lovely shape
An octagon is cool

A rhombus is a funny one,
Parallelograms are sweet
A diamond makes me think of kites
An oval's round and neat

I see shapes in everything
In windows, books and leaves
I see shapes in apricots
And motorcars and trees.

It doesn't matter anyway
Which shape you think is best
There isn't any single shape
That's better than the rest.

They're all just as important
And they're wonderful as they are
And every single shape we have
Is a shape shift superstar!

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