Saturday, 24 October 2015

A ghost I am.

My heart is made of leather,
My head is made of sand,
My arms are put together,
Like a strange elastic band.
And when I try to speak,
I jumble up my words
And all my thoughts they fly away,
On the back of flying birds.

I haven't got a place to sleep
So I lie awake at night,
Or wander round your house alone
Waiting to give a fright
Yes it's true that I'm quite scary,
And I'm never, ever kind
I'm horrible and hairy
I'm the worst thing you could hind.

And when I'm feeling hungry
I nibble children's toes
Or cut them up and mix them
With the bogeys from my nose.
Yes, I'm a ghost, a ghost I am
But I won't give you a fright
Unless that is you wake up
In the middle of the night

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