Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I am an Athenian.

I am an Athenian,
I live in ancient Greece
The land of great Odysseus
And Jason's Golden Fleece.

When you look back through history
I'm sure you'll quickly see
That your world would not be the same,
If it hadn't been for me.

We gave you your democracy,
In the Acropolis we met,
Or went into the parthenon,
The oracle's words to get.

We have Sophocles and Socrates
And Plato's thinking taught
And all of them have changed the way
That all of you have thought.

We were first to run a marathon
Or hold Olympic games
Think of all the famous Athletes
And all their famous names.

We gave you mathematics
Fantastic stories too
So many things we started
And left here just for you.

So when you think about your world,
And when your teacher speaks,
Remember the Athenian,
And all the ancient Greeks.

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