Sunday, 4 October 2015

In Stone Age times...

In Stone Age times there were no phones,
But they had flint and great big stones...
There were no supermarkets yet,
No cash machines or internet,
No motor cars, no trips to mars,
No ipads and no chocolate bars.

And isn't it quite strange to think,
No stone aged man tried fizzy drink?
And none of them would ever have seen,
A hoover or a TV screen.
And stone aged man he never saw,
A milkshake or a sliding door,
Electric lights or satellites,
Bicycles or flying kites,
And he'd never heard of football teams
Or tasted Big Macs or ice creams

And don't you think it would have hurt his brain
If he'd seen an aeroplane?
Or watched someone blow up a balloon,
Or knew that men walked on the moon?

Oh what would you think?
Oh what would you think?
What would you, what would you,
What would you think.

If all of us here now,
Could travel back in time somehow.
And what do you think you would miss most then,
If we lived in the age of stone aged men?

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