Monday, 5 October 2015

Sir Francis Drake

Well Francis Drake was a very great sailor
He sailed across the oceans wide
He used the stars for navigation
And knew all about the winds and tide.

So much gold and so much silver
More than any man has seen,
He took from those who first had stole it
And brought it back to the British Queen.

So pleased was she with all his efforts
And all the treasures he gave to her
She honoured him with a royal knighthood.
From then on he was known as 'Sir'.

That great man Drake a life at sea,
In tiny boats on a raging tide
No doubt that he was born for sailing,
From his childhood till the day he died

Sir Francis Drake whom the Spanish hated,
Because he always managed to flee,
A privateer every remembered,
Buried far off out at sea..

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