Monday, 5 October 2015

Explorer Box.

I've got a little explorer box,
That used to be filled up with sock,
But when I put it on my head,
It takes me somewhere new.

I've been to many far off lands
Of frosty winds and golden sands
Held priceless jewels in my hand
That made me think of you.

I've been beneath the stormy seas,
And climbed with monkeys up in trees,
Floated on a summer's breeze,
With diamonds in my shoe

Yes, you can see it in my face,
That I've explored the moon and space
And on the earth been every place,
But I'd like to take you too.

So please, please come along with me,
And tell me what you'd like to see,
When we put our heads inside my box
That used to be filled up with socks.

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