Thursday, 1 October 2015


A stone age man whose name was Ogg,
Was the first to train a dog.
He taught him how to hunt and walk
Then tried to teach him how to talk.

But as you know, and books they tell,
Dogs do not talk so very well.
So poor old Ogg was bound to fail...
The dog did nothing but wag his tail.

Yet still the dog and Ogg were good,
Their friendship worked out as it should.
The dog learnt how to hunt and fight
And kept guard over Ogg at night.

The dog was comfort and a friend
So much so that in the end.
All those that saw the great man Ogg,
Went out and got themselves a dog.

So now when you walk in the street,
And see a dog at someone's feet.
Then spare a thought for good old Ogg,
The first man ever to train a dog.

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