Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Monster Box.

Inside the monster box
There are creatures rough and mean,
There's things that are much scarier
Than anyone's ever seen.
There's evil iguanas,
And there's dogs the size of trees,
There's molten lava leprechauns
With dragons on their knees.
There's squirrels that were born in hell,
And snakes the size of roads,
And diamond spotted liverquakes,
That feast on poisoned toads.
There's munching crunching Oggletoggs,
That gobble children up
There's hairy spotted spiders,
That are hiding in a cup.

When the monster box is open
All your nightmares come to life
The gremlin's sharp and terrible teeth,
They cut you like a knife.
And magic vines they tie you up
And hang you by your toes
And burning fire beetle moths
Put earwigs in your nose
And all the while you try to scream
But you just can't make a sound
As stinging wasps they lock you up
In a box beneath the ground.
The monster box, the monster box,
So much bigger than it seems
It looks quite small from outside,
But inside it's big as dreams.

I'd like to open up the box
And let these creatures out,
And then I'd like to watch you all
Run round and scream and shout.
But sadly, sadly, sadly
There's nothing I can do
Although I'd like to scare the
Living daylights out of you.
Because when I left my house today
I found the monster box
(It was where I always keep it
In a bag of dirty sock.)
But sadly, sadly, sadly,
As sad as sad can be,
Although I found the monster box...
I couldn't find the key.

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