Friday, 9 October 2015

Lighter than a feather.

Lighter than a feather, light as bright as white,
Bound up all together with the stars that shine at night.
The moon is not a mirror but it does reflect the sun
And all the light around the world reflects in everyone.

Yet still there are some places that light has never been,
Fish in deepest oceans that light has never seen.
And far off out in outer-space there's nothing light can hit,
And so the air seems dark as dark as though it were unlit.

And also in another place I know there's light but none,
Inside this little head of mine where all light is undone.
I close my eyes and I can see a world that's filled and bright,
And every thought and memory is light as bright as white.

But there's no windows in my skull my eyes don't let light in
They just connect my optic nerve to where all lights begin.
So in my head, although it's dark, I still see things so clear,
It makes me wonder if it's true and are they really here?

The things I see, the things I see, inside my darkened head,
Why can I see them there at all, and not just dark instead?

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